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5 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

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Information 5 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

Title :  5 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know
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Frames 5 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

Description 5 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

Comments 5 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

Proactive Thinker
Join The Intelligent Investing Academy: intelligentinvestingacademycombrUse the coupon code "INVESTNOW" to get a 40 discount
Comment from : Proactive Thinker

Maury Gardner
Banks are the real robbers
Comment from : Maury Gardner

So now fractional reserve system is shown as normal but don't explain how that keeps money scarce and how it breaks havoc in the economy through the "hidden tax"
Comment from : Eskiriatai

Israr Uddin
Wow what a better information you glitched the matrix
Comment from : Israr Uddin

David’s Blog
After watching lately Robert Kiyosaki, I had an eye-opener after another brand this video is also on 😮 brThank you for your time and effort to create this video 😊 🙏
Comment from : David’s Blog

luis duron
Comment from : luis duron

Ruth spense
In light of the ongoing global economic crisis, it is crucial for everyone to prioritize investing in diverse sources of income that are not reliant on the government This includes exploring opportunities in stocks, gold, silver, and digital currencies Despite the challenging economic situation, it remains a favorable time to consider these investments
Comment from : Ruth spense

It is incorrect to say that banks create money out of thin air It is true that they get their interest from money deposited by clients, which they lend out, but the profit that they make from it does not appear magically, it comes from somebody's wallet, the somebody being the person who got a credit with this bank The only place in this cycle where money is actually created is still the fed
Comment from : xPurrpX

Syed Noor Shah
I loved the video, it's precise and well accumulated
Comment from : Syed Noor Shah

Lauren Terry
bYou work for 40yrs to have $1M in your retirement, meanwhile some people are putting just $10K into trading from just few months ago and now they are multimillionaires/b
Comment from : Lauren Terry

Carolyn Rose
Currently I'm just being smart and frugal with my money, I'm in the green 47 over the last 15 months and l've accumulated over $700K in pure profits from DCA’ing into stocks, ETFs, dividends and futures However I’ve been in the red for a month now I work hard for my money, so investing is making me a nervous sad wreck I don’t know if I should sell everything, sit and just wait
Comment from : Carolyn Rose

Alejandro Jones
In life, I will forever be grateful for health, wealth and a great professional b(Hamilton Phoebe Zoe)/b whose help has been great for my finances
Comment from : Alejandro Jones

Nice vid, can someone actually only explain that example of 6:15 for me?
Comment from : Berhan

David Adomi
'To achieve greatness, you need to start working towards it Investing remains the smartest way to prepare for the future Been into this for 8years and I'm extremely pleased with the good returns The good news is, it's never too late to start investing
Comment from : David Adomi

Lloyd Bernard
Thanks for this amazing information!!, If you don't find a means of multiplying money, you will wake up one day to realize that the money you thought you had, has finished Investment is key, I prefer to put my money where it can grow at market rates but completely protected from market losses, The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn I invest for literally 2 years, and we've already made over $1 million in net earnings
Comment from : Lloyd Bernard

I have read a book if the money spoke it's really exciting 👍👍😎😎😎👍👍
Comment from : Z-Samo

Your info on fractional reserve banking is old and outdated!!! The federal reserve reduced the reserve requirement ratio to zero percent across all deposit tiers as of March 26, 2020 Banks dont have to keep any of your money
Comment from : BlueBear

Captain Planet
Crapto oh ffs The sooner that crap is wiped out the better
Comment from : Captain Planet

There are many conflicting opinions about stocks and their prospects in the coming years; I aim for short-term solid gains from market corrections, and I'd definitely hop on the ride if I knew a couple of things about day-trading, That is not on my speed right now i guess I'm just looking to make the right moves to help me grow and protect my $670,000 reserve from inflation that looks so scary
Comment from : Tommy

HOA 1507
My bank has a interest of 0005
Comment from : HOA 1507

The Edge
Comment from : The Edge

Adrien zhang
As banker, this video is a joke :)
Comment from : Adrien zhang

Orcun Iyigun
Is this valid anymore? 😮
Comment from : Orcun Iyigun

Michelle young
Great video, trading come with a lot ofbrbenefits And I have just bought my firstbrhouse through it As a beginner I wasbrscared of loosing my savings but I'm gladbrI took the bold step that is now favoring
Comment from : Michelle young

Darth Negative Hunter
this video is full of disinformationbrregular banks can't CREATE money out of thin airbrthat's why bank runs happen
Comment from : Darth Negative Hunter

Benarab Nazim
That's haram and reba in Islam
Comment from : Benarab Nazim

Mihai Mateescu
People just don't understand how a credit card works It's a revolving credit: once you pay the monthly credit (in full) you can spend the same money next second
Comment from : Mihai Mateescu

Susan Nico
- Retirement investing was never my priority until I met bROCHELLE DUNGCA-SCHREIBER/b advisor She helped me understand the benefits and risks of different options and guided me to choose the best one for me
Comment from : Susan Nico

This video constitutes an excellent agreement for buying bank stocks the Canadian 6 large banks as they have earned 16 compounded for years now
Comment from : Criminal

Alan Berry
Debt is never free money
Comment from : Alan Berry

Chris Austin
Zero interest business credit cards!
Comment from : Chris Austin

Chris Austin
The fractional banking system is a big scam
Comment from : Chris Austin

Bitcoin Jason
How do you borrow at such low rates? Australian borrowing rates are over 5
Comment from : Bitcoin Jason

Mercedes Wilkins
Banks is not a charity, it’s a business They take our money and bet on stock marketing That’s why we are insured up to a quarter of a million
Comment from : Mercedes Wilkins

Red Pill
Why a lot of us is not doing this??? We've had this information a long time ago
Comment from : Red Pill

Nerd Recapped
What animation is software do you use ?
Comment from : Nerd Recapped

Marlene Traut M
✌️Giving all praise to this team of guru's for bringing my life back on track when I thought everything was gone, but with the help guidelines I was able to realized that the secret to making a million is saving for a better investment I always tell myself you don't need that new Maserati or that vacation just yet That mindset helped me make more money investing For example last year I invested 38k in stocks (with the help of my Financial Advisor of course) and made about 146k, but guess what? I put it all back and traded with her again and now I'm rounding up close to a million
Comment from : Marlene Traut M

dr rd
Funny thing is I all ready knew this about banks, tell me something I don't know
Comment from : dr rd

emily mccord
I think I'm blessed because if not I wouldn't have met someone who is as spectacular as Expert Mrs Lucy Mary Liam
Comment from : emily mccord

Sujan Bkt12
Comment from : Sujan Bkt12

pranay G ✓
In 1M mortgage calculation example Making 24k a year and paying 10500 a month i think it's a deal 🗿
Comment from : pranay G ✓

Kerstin Shaw
Great video, trading come with a lot of benefits And I have just bought my first house through it As a beginner I was scared of loosing my savings but I’m glad I took the bold step that is now favoring me
Comment from : Kerstin Shaw

Boris Barbason
Year-over-year inflation stood at 65 in December 2022—the lowest that figure has been in more than a year Inflation was in line with what economists expected and gave many of them a reason to believe that the peak of inflation may be behind us I have approximately $150k stagnant in my port_folio that needs growth What is the best way to take advantage of this downturn?
Comment from : Boris Barbason

Oren Ben-Dov
Why would anyone put a thumb up AT THE BEGINNING of the video?brGet to the point
Comment from : Oren Ben-Dov

Radd Astronaut
The fed doesn’t make money The dept of treasury does
Comment from : Radd Astronaut

gautum bkree
So, the banking system is a ponzi scheme
Comment from : gautum bkree

Albert Pacaj Pacaj
the fewer Hospital the fewer medicines the fewer Patientens
Comment from : Albert Pacaj Pacaj

The only segment that was 100 true in this video is the one about credit cards, and even that segment says NOTHING about how to avoid the credit card trap ALWAYS pay off your full balance on your credit card, and you will never have to pay interest All the other segments in this video are based on some truth, but there are so many untruths or omissions that the only segment you should believe is the one about credit cards Such a bad uninformative video!
Comment from : TheClearSounds

so you need to be a billionaire to make money who knew
Comment from : Billy

Bankrun bankrun weltweit worldwide bunkrun worldwide bunkrun worldwide cash is only 3 Prozent here in this world remeber tat jou can trust this criminal bankster newer ewer
Comment from : Asdf

ABLe Lawrence
Put 1million $ in at 24 and make 24k a year and you ONLY pay 105k monthly ????? 126k a year a loss of 102k What am I missing
Comment from : ABLe Lawrence

Daniel Knack
If they make money, why do we go to work to fill the banks with money, that they made in the first place?
Comment from : Daniel Knack

Ninj Master
I don't get the part of borrowing money brIf you take a credit for 40 000 for a car for example and you get the money for 2 interested now you deposit the money but now your car still loses 2-3 for inflation so if you want to sell it even if it is in a perfect condition like you bought it you will never get more than 40k
Comment from : Ninj Master

Spielo mat
I'm sorry but there is so much missinformation There are so many aspects you have to add to your points to make them truly correkt
Comment from : Spielo mat

Vaidotas Krulikas
Best scam of human history period
Comment from : Vaidotas Krulikas

Ace Extensions Inc #condiostodoesposible
🙏🏼✨🙏🏾 0:28
Comment from : Ace Extensions Inc #condiostodoesposible

Great vid, thanks!
Comment from : Herbiarz

Comfortably numb
You want to find the devil? follow the money
Comment from : Comfortably numb

Frank Cerbantes
Inflation i USA it’s the real one 40 percent
Comment from : Frank Cerbantes

Bitcoin, Banks it's all a scam!
Comment from : RB8822

Dixie Porter
Anyone that believes the bank creates the money isn't someone I will take financial advice from Because Wells Fargo isn't printing money Investing is not creating money and his twist on it is a grift
Comment from : Dixie Porter

Perfekte Jagd
As an upcoming forex and Bitcoin trader I totally understand the gravity of the knowledge you are trying to pass across, thanks for the info,
Comment from : Perfekte Jagd

Puppy Love
I despise Zuckerberg Trump 2024!
Comment from : Puppy Love

Henry Ford was right about everything!
Comment from : joey86bu1

keitth 69
Are you the guy from techlink?
Comment from : keitth 69

Jaz Broumn

Comment from : Jaz Broumn

Harry BM
Great video👌 But you know, success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it Show me a man with no investment and I'll tell you how long it takes to fail The investment creates a safe haven for the future With the right choice of investment that has at least a minimum risk of 2 and with expert advice, profits and interest are 100 guaranteed
Comment from : Harry BM

Vladimir Perez

Comment from : Vladimir Perez

Nora Stella
Comment from : Nora Stella

Amb Hillman
Oh she has y'all thinking phone besides other s LGBTQ phone, victim who buy phones from what name's
Comment from : Amb Hillman

Amb Hillman
Arkansas political regilous election auditor paper He printed everything gave his victim's the his evidence Which FBI monorting the phone's
Comment from : Amb Hillman

Life is Shorts
Banks are not a scam, it is how the business works What other ways should the economy work, those same people have zero idea The business of banking is not easy, to continuously figure out how to make a profit from capital There are investment deals coming at the banks all the time I would love the same people to go to developing countries with little to no financial services and high interest rates plus high down payments for as something simple as a home loan America's banking is amazing the only issue is the financial problems and bad habits of the people If you realized how the banking system and capital operated in the nation you could get mad or get wealthy It is all how you take it This video has some underlining presumption that the bank should give you the best rates and have gold bars in the bank SMH Makes zero sense
Comment from : Life is Shorts

Mr T
It was Andrew Jackson who said that Not Henry Ford!
Comment from : Mr T

Deadly D
Rome was not built in a day But Rome was built
Comment from : Deadly D

Danco Vrboski
Дансо врбоски сточе Северна Америка Македониа сега Муго држат Коле
Comment from : Danco Vrboski

Nessa Shannon
Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream investing with a professional broker, Brigitte May
Comment from : Nessa Shannon

Prathamesh Badgujar
this is probably the only human comment out of all these bots
Comment from : Prathamesh Badgujar

Micheal Wrubell
I think it's especially difficult for people who are retired or about to retire My apologies to everyone who retired during this time after putting in all those years of work just to lose everything to a problem you weren't to blame for
Comment from : Micheal Wrubell

Michael Gates
Bo shid
Comment from : Michael Gates

Garage 🗑️
Comment from : yerlee4

Scott Williford
Wrong! The Fed does not create money The fed only buys and sales assets The treasury creates money
Comment from : Scott Williford

Charlotte Gomez
Comment from : Charlotte Gomez

Olivia Ralston
Keeping this to myself isn't a good idea, I decided to tell everyone so you guys can all benefit from this People keep talking about Stacy Griffin but I never knew how her software works until she show me, I will forever be grateful for her strategies of making big profits in income for me
Comment from : Olivia Ralston

ดาวมณี โจนส์
Comment from : ดาวมณี โจนส์

ดาวมณี โจนส์
Comment from : ดาวมณี โจนส์

ดาวมณี โจนส์
Comment from : ดาวมณี โจนส์

Nasıl İndirilir YK
Always a great breakdown I've learned so much from this channel following along with the chart analysis Gotta remember that this time around the pump we had was not as big as other times So the drop may not be as bad this time around too It would make sense as well That being said, Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise 16 btc when I started at 9 Btc in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from VermontCorpLTD I would advise y'all to trade your asset rather than hodl for a future you aren't sure about
Comment from : Nasıl İndirilir YK

I will forever be indebted to you, you've changed my whole life and i continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks so much VermontCorpLTD
Comment from : SÜRÜMCÜ YT

ツOrochimarus AMVs
VermontCorpLTD is a bluechip longterm hold I dont even care if it replaces ETH(holding this too)
Comment from : ツOrochimarus AMVs

Wish I had more money to buy more VermontCorpLTD !
Comment from : Mr_kratos05

Cover Music
VermontCorpLTD IS ahead of the game
Comment from : Cover Music

حساب جديد 6
VermontCorpLTD is less that $1 just like the 2012 bitcoin days time to buyyyyyyyyyyy
Comment from : حساب جديد 6

Yunus Baykal
I’d rather buy VermontCorpLTD , atom, polka and polygon!
Comment from : Yunus Baykal

عبدالله محمد
WOW This may be the last time you can get VermontCorpLTD before it takes off 5,000
Comment from : عبدالله محمد

ab vs hs elhani
Thank you for the update VermontCorpLTD is done right, and waiting is part of the process,
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