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How Much $$$ Can You Make Collecting Bottles u0026 Cans?

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Information How Much $$$ Can You Make Collecting Bottles u0026 Cans?

Title :  How Much $$$ Can You Make Collecting Bottles u0026 Cans?
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Frames How Much $$$ Can You Make Collecting Bottles u0026 Cans?

Description How Much $$$ Can You Make Collecting Bottles u0026 Cans?

Comments How Much $$$ Can You Make Collecting Bottles u0026 Cans?

time + fuel >?< money you make?
Comment from : Scottニリ

Amanda Collins
I did as cans as kid for 4 years
Comment from : Amanda Collins

min min
you're not getting profit by doing "nothing" when you're saving your cans thats space being taken up by trash bags a house is not a warehouse - doubly so when you mention NY cost of living is too high for too little space + literal trash
Comment from : min min

Amanda Collins
Me iget 100 in one 100
Comment from : Amanda Collins

King Smog
The way the creator described is the less profitable, more time consuming way In CA we have recycling centers that pay by weight The process is much more simple - dump your plastic into one center provided trash can, dump your aluminum into another - bring trash cans over to scale next to a computer that tallys weight/cash Receipt is printed out and you hand it to person working a behind the glass cash register, who takes your receipt and gives you whatever cash receipt says brbrMost grocery stores have their own recycling center, however their presence near your favorite grocery store is considered a convenience - therefore the pay out is often times only half of what you would get if you visited a non grocery store affiliate recycling center (which are scattered in lower property value areas that make it tougher for suburbanites to access), one also needs to consider fuel cost when driving to non grocery store affiliated recycling centers!
Comment from : King Smog

Remy Kisjes
Lately we have this in the Netherland also so im also collecting these bottles :D
Comment from : Remy Kisjes

Cheryl Wade
There had a bottle deposit programbrwhere we lived but we don't have bra bottle deposit program anymore
Comment from : Cheryl Wade

bro australia got 10c a bottle we are just better
Comment from : WILKOE

Tricky Balboa
Tell me more about these bottle gangs 🧐
Comment from : Tricky Balboa

Douglas Radcliffe
Things I am researching, how to collect cans on garbage day while being stealthy, so 5am wear gloves and have a business card in case I get trouble from locals Second thing, people should either research garbage days per street or look at a garbage collection day map to see what suburbs are collected on which day Embrace the grind
Comment from : Douglas Radcliffe

Djsusi Susuis
How to u find a machine like this
Comment from : Djsusi Susuis

Cam Ban
For states in the US, which does not have a Bottle Bill, etc have you heard of any states that will pay cash for water bottles, metal food cans, etc where you could mail them the items and they will send a prepaid label for the items while making sure they pay cash for rewards that could be given as a mailed check, Paypal, etc for the funds?
Comment from : Cam Ban

Tryrone Copper
But in Manhattan , the Duane Reades all of them refuse to recycle bottles with those machines inside the store in Manhattan from 14 st all the way up to 96 st mid Town area the worse even some target 🎯 stores in this area too, they purposely keep those machines closed ,because they're lazy they don't like to change them or even service them especially that Duane Reade store on 33rd and 8th the manager this Jamaican lady the laziness of this lady the worst I never seen she keep that machine close weeks at a time but charge people the 5 cent deposit on every bottle and cans,and her store 24hours which makes it worse right near penn station , many times I had to throw bags of bottles,and cans straight in the trash ,because I dont have the time to bring to another store just to be told we not taking bottles and i have to go to work in Brooklyn seen, so I get fed up and just throw the whole bag into the trash so I don't be late for work So how a city like New York they said they a green city ,a blue state, were liberals keep saying they green and care about the environment, remember a congress women AOC who came up with this greendeal bill 172 billion dollar bill, who from New York City ,but you got these stores refusing to take bottles ,that show you how liberals work they citys all across the country look like sh@#t trash every where yeah !!!!please explain it and you need to look into it, Brooklyn Bronx Queens, are ok but midtown the heart of New York City the worse
Comment from : Tryrone Copper

Rory Nygard
I was curious how this worked, i live in Montana and well i don't think Montana will have one of those for a long long time (hope im wrong) right now i just collect cans for fun In the past i collected plastic #1&2 but they never paid for it i would go to bar dumpsters (fully in protective cloths) and clear out all the cardboard they paid 4 cents per kilo i would make 20 usd per week thats alota cardboard :D
Comment from : Rory Nygard

I went to a truck with recycling bins and the weight was 097 for two bags and he only gave me 6 dollars I think I got ripped off
Comment from : Yasmin

LifeOf Me
Really helped!!!
Comment from : LifeOf Me

Comment from : jawojnicki

I think the hardest part about this is finding a vending machine for the cans in the first place
Comment from : Lebigboy

I collect from from what people at my condo complex throw away and I tend to get on avg 15 per week some times more some times less Well for the past year I've saved up almost 500 bucks worth and will have it for spending money on a vacatoin I have coming up in Va Beach
Comment from : BigRedSoxFan

Tad Monges
Im glad i watched this i dont think worth my time haha good video thank you
Comment from : Tad Monges

Casimir Deaver
The process ya go through yo recycle Just give me a big trashcan and weigh it
Comment from : Casimir Deaver

Random ish channel
4:49 Thrown back on the street
Comment from : Random ish channel

Random ish channel
Philadelphia also not on the list
Comment from : Random ish channel

Aris S
I collect trash and recycle what I can in my neighborhood in NY and HI A big part of why I do it is to raise awareness of our plastic pollution I hope people buy less and reduce their consumption of plastic bottles because only 30 of about 35 billion bottles a year in America actually gets recycled That’s a lot of landfill that won’t go away for 1000’s of years
Comment from : Aris S

John Vasquez
When I’m bored I just go around looking for recyclables
Comment from : John Vasquez

I did it from the age of 9 till I was 13 with my little brother who’s 1 year younger than me me and him collected bottles and that’s how we helped pay the rent my mother took care of 6 kids single handedly off government assistance 230$ a month rent was about 750 me and my brother made about 300 each month most of the bottles we got from our local park it was a big nice park and their was almost events everyday during the summer in the winter our bottle return shop gave us all the bottles they had that they didn’t return and we added them to our collection our biggest come up was 850 in about a month and a half we also collected scrap and took the railroads tracks from the abandoned railroad and we took them to the scrap yard
Comment from : 1kQuelly

Sir Justin Livingston
Definitely teaching my kids to recycle
Comment from : Sir Justin Livingston

Corgi central
how do you find these machines
Comment from : Corgi central

OG Amerikush
I made forty thousand with my aluminum and plastic company Now my son runs it
Comment from : OG Amerikush

My first bottle was sweet tea bottle I am starting to save up to buy me a pickup truck 2 door for 1K
Comment from : BobodyBop

Here I'm looking for options after retirement and hobbies that payoff While helping my neighborhood But the fact that I may run into fierce competition like gangs Kills any drive or motivation I ain't doing it and now I understand why alot of my neighbors don't bother either
Comment from : sanchezzz

Comment from : PEDER STEENBERG

pulivendula volgs
Love you❤ all💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 from Andhra💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 Pradesh Guntur India🇮🇳❤🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳
Comment from : pulivendula volgs

laura bennett
In NY, you can just count your bottles in the comfort of your home, take it somewhere and get cash in hand I haven't used a bottle machine in years
Comment from : laura bennett

Aaron Zollbrecht
not bad most people have $30 atleast
Comment from : Aaron Zollbrecht

Aaron Zollbrecht
screw tomra
Comment from : Aaron Zollbrecht

There were so many vultures in Boston that would make a mess of my trash and recycling bins They would rip open bags and throw them in the floor Assholes I get that this is probably coming from desperation but no excuse to fuck up other peoples shit They also would leave the bin tops open so whenever it rained, everything would become a messbrbrI’ve started collecting my own glass and aluminum to bring to a redemption center because I don’t believe anything in my dumpster actually gets recycled since no one properly sorts I’ve been tossing my plastic bottles because I feared putting them in recycling may lead to them getting dumped in the ocean rather than a landfill but if I bring it back to a redemption center I wonder if that increases the likelihood of the plastic actually getting recycled
Comment from : showercurtainyo

Tip: Crush the bottles/Cans so it takes less space in the bin/bag, and you can store more bottles/Cans in the Bag/Bin, and you can make more of a profit💰
Comment from : Hazzrd

Serbian Girl Jela
I do this with my kids, not so much for money because it's very little but because of the love for earth and to teach my kids about recycling
Comment from : Serbian Girl Jela

Joseph Simmons
Last year, during most of the summer, I started to do this I live in Michigan so the cans & bottles are 10 cents In my camp, there was like nobody doing it So I ended up earning over $1,000 dollar's But I only saved $800 of it Going to be doing it this year as well If anyone is ever at Camp Dearborn, keep an eye out for a guy walking around with a wagon
Comment from : Joseph Simmons

Line your hairline up 💇 👂🏼 U look ridiculous
Comment from : 350YardTeeShotsMakesGolfEasy

alexandru ivascu
Great videothat hair thodamn !!
Comment from : alexandru ivascu

Kevin Higgenbottom
If you're going to take your cans to the recycling place make sure you ask if it's okay to have the key in Smash because some places don't want you to smash toucan don't ask why but all recycling place on the west side or south side of Indianapolis Indiana longer smash that's okay they don't mind just to let you know
Comment from : Kevin Higgenbottom

ivan castro
I use to buy cryptos with the money from the cans and bottles!🤪
Comment from : ivan castro

I take in 4 bags a week and average $9500-100

In WA you get 10 cents per can
Comment from : Clix

This year I made 230 off 3600 and some bottles usually about 10000 a year aka I return once a year I make that but we saved 2 years up cuz of no time to return but it’s was nice put some alway filled my moms gas tank went out to eat trying to start a business just missing some advice
Comment from : HEMI DREAMZ

over 4 weeks you could be at 252 bucks
Comment from : strongwithukraine

if you get 9 but 20 bottles going up to 9 in 1 like counting the 20 each time you can get 63 bucks if you do it like once a while
Comment from : strongwithukraine

James Paluch
For me I care for the environment where I am in New York when it comes to parties that I have I hate to see bottles & cans go to waste that's like money going down the drain
Comment from : James Paluch

Daniel Persson
w8,5 centin Sweden we get abit over double that amount
Comment from : Daniel Persson

Junita Tamtaman
I wish we also have in Philippines 😔
Comment from : Junita Tamtaman

Mix match canada life by samia
this type of recycling bottle is in vancouver? how can i get this type of recycling dipu in vancouver
Comment from : Mix match canada life by samia

John Kamami
Where do I find these machines in CA Cause I can't get Google to tell me
Comment from : John Kamami

Ian Pryor
Awesome video man, I might do this!
Comment from : Ian Pryor

Greg Elliott
With people in between jobs, this would be a good idea to make extra money
Comment from : Greg Elliott

Image if they raised it to ten cents per bottle Street would definitely be cleaner
Comment from : MrBCurtis

Ameer Cruz
You can literally buy a house in Mexico in a few years potentially That or retire in Mexico for a year Atleast in Tijuana is where I want to use this for a month worth of vacation Probably just need 1500 dollars atleast
Comment from : Ameer Cruz

Answers to the questions, yes, no and yes
Comment from : VIPER FORD

Nicky Miceli
Most places have limits so you can’t return 50$
Comment from : Nicky Miceli

Should have mentioned the huge ecological benefits of DRSbrThis should also be implemented country wide as a single system This would benefit everyone
Comment from : Resolutelt

Jamestube 8439
Here in Michigan you get 10 cents per bottle, but bottles like water bottles and juice bottles are not accepted unlike a few other states I work at a park I got into bottle collecting when one day I was throwing away trash and saw a trash can with at 20 cans, so I figured I should take these out and take them to the store and I did Ended up getting 3 dollars out of it which started something new for me I now check the trash cans on a regular basis
Comment from : Jamestube 8439

I made $45 a months to pay for my $40/month gym membership $5 extra/month helped with snacks or other things I bought in my teens
Comment from : PunchNugget

We finally have this starting up in Scotland in July 2022 The plan is to start saving up bottles and cans 1 to 2 months before it starts
Comment from : Alan7997

The great thing about it is that it is tax free money
Comment from : madbug1965

I’m Trying to buy an iPhone 12 max pro and a pop can in Canada price is 021 cents so I could get a lot
Comment from : Lilmanforign

Tim Pool’s Beanie
I had been collecting cans since I was in grade school I usually smash them so when I take in a bin full, I get back $20+ back per trip brbrI still technically do it even though I have a job and am considered middle class Never forget your roots lol
Comment from : Tim Pool’s Beanie

In Norway if you (pant)recycle a bottle or can is like 25 cent So for a kid like me just picking them up when i see them and im gonna recycle them at the end of the year will make quite alot
Comment from : OKJJ

I live and Michigan
Comment from : Detroitmadejay

I collect an average of 5 bottles a day at work50cents 250 a week
Comment from : Lastkingof33

Every minute I make a Dollar
Comment from : Aditya

Yvonne Fabulous50s
4 Families are giving their plastic bottles and cans to us for charity Recently we collected a total of $153 Australian dollars, we sent it to the Philippines for the indigenous kids Check my YouTube “Recycling Cans & Bottles For Money”
Comment from : Yvonne Fabulous50s

Does this method work in the UK, I'm curious?
Comment from : yasmin

Eric Pham
If construction company hire people collect these empty bottle with fully capped build floating foundation for floating house or island make big money
Comment from : Eric Pham

Eric Pham
You can make float for floating house foundation you make more than selling it to recycling plant
Comment from : Eric Pham

Johanna Parrish
I have saved cans since I've been old enough to drink beer here in America This time I saved canna from last camping season, purging out people trash cans for aluminum cans And saved all our aluminum cans all fall and winter I had 71 pounds I cashed in today for $045 a pound but got $32 it was worth it Cant cash on plastic bottles here
Comment from : Johanna Parrish

Frances Ottewill
10cents per can, bottle in Australia I have an account because there are charities that have special collection points they take them at the end of the day and count them for you!
Comment from : Frances Ottewill

Michael Franks
me and my friends are doing it everywhere
Comment from : Michael Franks

NYC Couponer
In 2009, to open a saving account at capital one you needed $50 I opened my account with money made from bottle deposit redemptions I love redeeming money from bottles and to this day I never stopped I get bottles from friends and family all the time It’s great for people who rely on that income 🙏🏽
Comment from : NYC Couponer

Raywain Traverso
I really enjoy collecting cans and bottles from the streets
Comment from : Raywain Traverso

Raywain Traverso
With the coronavirus pandemic It's been really hard to find a job in an office so I found a job that I can make side money for an apartment which is to go out and collect cans and bottles
Comment from : Raywain Traverso

Raywain Traverso
I started this job collecting cans and bottles and made $12000 last summer and $7000 before the coronavirus pandemic hit and that's the money I save up to get an apartment of my own
Comment from : Raywain Traverso

ThaGasSpitter ThaGasSpitter
Comment from : ThaGasSpitter ThaGasSpitter

Jonathan peck
Thanksgiving weekend in 2019 I got tires of seeing all the beer cans on the side of the road near my house I grabbed a large trash bag and filled it up in less than an hour I made $ 800 for one hour of work
Comment from : Jonathan peck

Much more lucrative here in Scandinavia We have 20 cents to 30 cents per bottle/can (even tiny bottles have 20cents)
Comment from : Bigboss304323

Joanne Marie Lehrke
I started collecting cans in '96 or '97 as way to make some extra money for trip to Hawaii in '98 It's something I still do to this day, even though I don't make much for them
Comment from : Joanne Marie Lehrke

Jongle Wongle
5:25 - what sort of Mickey Mouse currency is that ? US currency ? Anyway, I was putting an annual payment into the equivalent of what is referred to as an index fund, the same $ 19 something every year for 4 decades plus in an account that was established in my infancy and the drop shots are now folding it and I got a one--off $ 10000 remittance Forget the $ 5,000 or $ 3,000 or whatever on maturity when I'm beyond blue and mouldy
Comment from : Jongle Wongle

WNY Trash Trucks
Redemption centers are much faster Dump it on the counter and they count and sort it Cash in hand If there is no line in and out in very quickly depending on how much you have
Comment from : WNY Trash Trucks

random stuff
What if u tape a string to the bottle and start pulling it up and pulling it down
Comment from : random stuff

Peter K
Too bad you can't get MR points for your cans and bottles
Comment from : Peter K

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