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Thriving With NVLD: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disorder (A Personal Story)

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Information Thriving With NVLD: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disorder (A Personal Story)

Title :  Thriving With NVLD: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disorder (A Personal Story)
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Frames Thriving With NVLD: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disorder (A Personal Story)

Description Thriving With NVLD: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disorder (A Personal Story)

Comments Thriving With NVLD: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disorder (A Personal Story)

Lucky J Ferguson
This sounds very similar to Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)
Comment from : Lucky J Ferguson

Tudor Miller
I've been diagnosed with Adult ADHD Combined I may have NVLD
Comment from : Tudor Miller

People don’t give a damn

Luke lengends
I am a person with learning disabilities math and English skills in general, Never had a father, Still stuck with less and I’m struggling
Comment from : Luke lengends

How could I be tested for non Verbal and dyscalculia and Adhd? Thank you
Comment from : Francesca_T14

Debra Wehrly
I wonder if NVLD is the same as Executive Function Deficits?
Comment from : Debra Wehrly

I'm trying to get help finding a specialist or research center in regards to reversing an execuitive function disorder I was diagnosed with ADHD, but skipped further testing for Autism My learning disability limits me in communication and comprehension, I also have NVLD with aphantasia I figured out how to reverse the learning disability and can access my intrapersonal communication that allows me to think to myself, learn, recall memories and communicate on a very deep level I can finally feel emotions, read people, and communicate at length I'm trying to find a specialist in the southern California area, Ive exhausted myself trying to do this on my own
Comment from : 907

Juan Rodriguez
do people with NLVD get married do they have successful marriages?
Comment from : Juan Rodriguez

Maddi F
Why was Asperger's not the right diagnosis? I don't understand the difference
Comment from : Maddi F

3 wow that is privilege
Comment from : Anthony

Steven Sanchez
I can tell how people are feeling but I can’t say it to them Which only makes me confuse on what I should do
Comment from : Steven Sanchez

You make me feel better about myself as a university student with NVLD, ADHD, and ASD Thank you so much
Comment from : J G

nathan V
I have NVLD I have found success in school I got my bachelors degree and I’ve been in the military for four years It’s definitely a struggle living with NVLD but I was able to work through it Nothing is impossible with this condition
Comment from : nathan V

Congress Cal
I appreciate this so much it feels like there is finally someone I can relate to
Comment from : Congress Cal

I'm in this kinda space People's true intentions, and being able to hide them or not Theory of Mind is everything
Comment from : Zer0Creative

Ashanti Bee
I can definitely relate to having this along with ADHD for me I never accepted it I don’t have issues with communication as Abby does but I do have issues with math and science, takes me longer to understand the formulas that
Comment from : Ashanti Bee

Thus sounds a lot like she was ashamed of her diagnosis and needed a deferent one
Comment from : spookyandy

Did you have therapy and what therapy helped you?
Comment from : Britt

She looks exactly like her dad
Comment from : kleash

Tabitha Tierney
This is my daughter! It’s been a very emotional and frustrating journey! I’m hoping we can get her the help she needs! I also question myself if I have the same thing! I’m 39 now and may get tested too
Comment from : Tabitha Tierney

Johann Nefdt
I am a developer and i have nvld it is possible
Comment from : Johann Nefdt

Austin Holmes
I'm going to be 25, in first grade I was diagnosed with ADHD (Here in the US, it's called an IEP in math and science) which I believe they misdiagnosed me saying that I did not have NVLD, this shockingly opened my eyes to get re-evaluated Thank you so much for sharing your story Seriously ❤
Comment from : Austin Holmes

Jillian Lamontagne
My story exactly it’s very hard for me
Comment from : Jillian Lamontagne

Intermediate YouTuber
Excellent story Abby I have nonverbal learning disability as well and know exactly how it is My vocational high school quizzes and tests were a challenge no matter how much I studied Had to retake things so many times and if I was lucky I'd pass by the skin of my teeth the first time Had an IEP and that gave me a little more time on quizzes and tests that's it Plugged away 4 school years and couldn't be more proud to be a vocational high school grad
Comment from : Intermediate YouTuber

Richard Blackmore
I also got diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning disability, at the same time as I got the ADHD diagnosis, in high school But I am starting to lose my belief in the NVLD diagnosis I have noticed the traits are very vague and too easily manipulable For instance, when I was a kid and a teenager I was told I had no sense of humor and didn’t understand jokes In hind sight I recognize that isn’t the truth at all I had no ability to articulate it at the time, but part of the problem is I am British/A,Eric an, and was raised in Germany I later moved to the US when I was 12 My sense of humor was very European British humor is very cerebral There is a lot of subtext A lot more than in American humor American humor is very literal (I know that most Americans vehemently disagree) What I mean is, when an American comedian tells a joke, the joke is in the words When a British comedian tells a joke, what is funny is not the words, but the idea being expressed For instance, Eddie Izzard’s joke about the tiger in the subway If you are looking for the joke in the literal words you won’t understand the joke The words themselves aren’t funny What Izard is doing is making fun of how British people communicate no verbally To a hilarious extent Another example is in Month Python Flying Circus, where they are climbing up a side walk, as if they were mountain climbing A lot of my American peers don’t understand the joke Much of Monty Python is nonverbal after all The joke is doing something that has no purpose Literally climbing a horizontal sidewalk I have always preferred British humor A bit odd considering NVLD people are supposed to not pick up on nonverbal stuff Texting is a horrible metric as most people agree that it is the worst form of communication, for everyone, not just people with NVLD A lot of the other traits were there Difficulty tying my shoes, with math, etc I’m on the fence though, as a lot of the most vital traits I either don’t have at all, or they are too convenient and everyone has them
Comment from : Richard Blackmore

Radio Mandelbrot
interesting, I was under the impression, as apparently even lots of professionals are, that problems with interpreting nonverbal language was necessarily linked to ASD Good to know it's not the only thing that can cause that
Comment from : Radio Mandelbrot

Alexandra Quinn
I have NVLD too, diagnosed at seven!
Comment from : Alexandra Quinn

I just got diagnosed with both :(
Comment from : Loreing

Annie Holcomb
I’m diagnosed with NVLD, ADHD, Dyscalculia and good ole anxiety and depression 🤪
Comment from : Annie Holcomb

I have ADHD and a non verbal learning disability too
Comment from : garandt0e

Stephanie Harrigle
This is a good video
Comment from : Stephanie Harrigle

Stephanie Harrigle
I have a learning disability to and I relate with people that have disability like me and we all have learning disabilities but different ones
Comment from : Stephanie Harrigle

Stephanie Harrigle
Ah I love this girl story
Comment from : Stephanie Harrigle

Basma Alhussaini
Hello from Mississauga Ontario My son was diagnosed with speech delay and other learning disabilities at age of 3 as well He is 7 and with the Covid situation And opting for online learning im not sure how I can help him
Comment from : Basma Alhussaini

Melanie Vallejo
this explains why psychologists thought I was autistic because I did use to talk before but at a certain point I stopped talking completely from ages 3-7 for so many years and now I talk fine Maybe it wasn’t my right time to talk yet I still get annoyed that I kept telling my family its a misdiagnosis because growing up I didn’t “act” autistic not even now I act that way, I think maybe I had anxiety which made me stop talking or some sort of nonverbal thing I had The autism thing always felt like a misdiagnosis to me
Comment from : Melanie Vallejo

Kaitlyn Norris
I’m an introvert with nvld, imagine how that works brbrbrbrI also have Anxiety, Dyslexia, and depression brbrbrNo, I’m not self diagnosed I have gone through the proper testing and everything I could get diagnosed till 2 nd grade though so I just thought I was stupid
Comment from : Kaitlyn Norris

before i watch the rest of the video i gotta say she gorgie lol
Comment from : cherish_chimx2

Maggie T
Oh my gosh! The texting thing hit the nail on the head for me I have so much trouble inferring tone through a text message! So there have been many times I can't figure out if people are being sarcastic, saying something jokingly or being genuine
Comment from : Maggie T

bpa23 📦 bpa23+
Wow crazy, from the impression and nonverbal cues I could figure in the first 55 seconds nope that woman cant be aspergers or on the spectrum Also the language sounded to lets say "normal" But real doctors misdiagnosed? Hmm the criteria must have been old or it was bad timing
Comment from : bpa23 📦 bpa23+

This is so beautiful I couldn’t relate more if I wanted to Thanks for sharing, Abby Please keep sharing your story and being awesome Best of luck on your journey!
Comment from : Christina

Mida Yasumi
Seems 💯 percent normal!! 😂 unless we all have this i never know the emotion when people are texting or talking 😒 Sometimes home environments can create people feeling “off” or different But for reals tho hecka normal!!!!!!!!! ?
Comment from : Mida Yasumi

David Baum
Women tell me I come off as not confident It’s all part of my NVLD I wish people would just except my very kind and caring side of me and except I’m just a little weird in other ways, but they can’t I sometime just say things I shouldn’t say
Comment from : David Baum

David Baum
People with NVLD can read a whole book,but can not explain the main detail of the book
Comment from : David Baum

David Baum
The biggest problem with me is controlling my mouth I’m actually very good at texting,but sometimes on dates I talk to much and or I can’t hold a interview like date
Comment from : David Baum

David Baum
Also people with NVLD are naturally more attractive I been told by many women I’m very attractive When I talk to women on the phone they run after my caring and kind self witch is part of NVLD, but when I go on dates my mouth destroys the date I dont stop complaining etc I speak my mind I ruined dates with people that I was so attracted too
Comment from : David Baum

David Baum
You don’t have ADHD I have NVLD and people with NVLD are naturally hyper like myself, but at the same time I’m very organized Sometime medicine does not work to keep me calm
Comment from : David Baum

Bleeding Getsuga
I just got diagnosed with this lol
Comment from : Bleeding Getsuga

Meredith M
I have NVLD/ADHD too! I love this video It is a real diagnosis and a real struggle, I hate that it isnt recognized in the DSM Im now in school to work with people with disabilities!
Comment from : Meredith M

I am not sure what the difference between autism spectrum and NVLD
Comment from : illigirl

I have been in living hell 55 full years of this since attempting recital 1964 withbrDance Class four years old and just brUnable to follow the steps and humiliation was my Mother’s response and that was only the beginning of HellbrI diagnosed this past year by two non related burp psych tests My horror isbrKnowing not in DSM ever ! So WRONG
Comment from : Blyss1000

aine kline
I also have nvld The first person who tested me told my parents that I was just bored in class I didn't get diagnosed till I was 9 I'm glad there are others besides me with it and I'm not alone Also I got held back in kindergarten because I couldn't understand what was going on
Comment from : aine kline

This is literally my story
Comment from : Luke

Thank you for helping to bring awareness to nld I was diagnosed when I was little and I have trouble putting my experience into words This video made me cry Hang in there
Comment from : Devon

Jasper Casella
I have NVLD to, but for me texting feels like a welcome relief from having to read body language, filling in awkward spaces in conversationsbrI also find starting conversations vary tricky so for me it’s nice to start with a text Although I have had the “are they mad or not” problem with texting
Comment from : Jasper Casella

I cry watching this video I'm 44 and am just beginning to understand I've had learning disabilities that were never diagnosed until a few months ago It has had a major effect on my personal and professional experiences my entire life Abby I'm so proud of your honesty, strength, and self-awareness I know from experience you must have self-awareness of how you learn, especially in the workplace, where employers and co-workers can be quite cruel to people who do not learn and think the way they do
Comment from : Private

Comment from : Luke

I have nld I struggle not with non verbal movements from other people Instead I struggle with my own non verbal movements I'm the introverted version and I don't mean to stand far away from people and jump in fear when they brush up against me Learning to drive take driving lessons from a old pro It will save your life Learn how not to get lost by using anchor visuals like stores and malls to find your way Being aware and preparing beforehand for your possible errors is key And another thing learn numerology it gives meaning to numbers
Comment from : Chelle

Ms Brightside
WOW, My daughter is 18 now but very low IQ this video shed light on the way I was thinking about how to help her
Comment from : Ms Brightside

Hi Abby, I've noticed you live in the same area as me I'm in my 30's and I'd like to get diagnosed properly What tips do you have?
Comment from : Erin

Bradly Leonard
I've lived with nvld my whole life and I've always felt misunderstood
Comment from : Bradly Leonard

They say that when you have this disorder, you have trouble reading body language But is it possible that in some people, this manifest as an unawareness of the body language signals you yourself are giving off, instead?
Comment from : Melissa0774

Thank you! I have this too Your story is so helpful and inspiring Keep on doing what your doing😄❤️🦋🦋🌸🌈🌈🌈
Comment from : sunflowerskies3939-

I plan on asking my doctor about thisI have Turners Syndrome and have researched about it and found the girls tend to have NVLD I have a feeling I do have itI’m kinda nervous I want to be a nurse and I always feel like I’m clumsy and in the way I can’t drive yet and panic with vague instruction I hope I can get some help if I do and feel more confident in my future
Comment from : Bugga

Xavier Pierre
damn that really opened my eyes
Comment from : Xavier Pierre

Google ruined Youtube
It's a DISABILITY Most with NVLD are unemployed or under employed
Comment from : Google ruined Youtube

Rose B
I meant like nvld is not just a social problems Wouldnt also impact understanding academics Especially with subjects that involve visual spatial concepts such as geography Language arts wich involve understanding the overall big picture of a literary work or reading between the lines ( skills that use the right part of brain) understanding the pragmatics of language such as metaphores etc ( versus grammer and rules which apparently would be nvlders strenth since it is more rule based) i am surprised no nvld videos on you tube have coommented about academic struggles
Comment from : Rose B

Rose B
when I tried to learn piano I found it helpful to lable the notes with letters cde… the teacher must half thought I was crazy
Comment from : Rose B

Rose B
what about geography like space? time zones?
Comment from : Rose B

Rose B
how do does the subject language arts in school not be impacted by nvld? I mean the grammar should not be an issue beacuse nvlders tend to be good at language vocabulary and rules but reading between the lines in story or literary work understanding metaphors poetry getting into the authors mind and answering questions like why do you think the author wrote this how do you handle that in school?
Comment from : Rose B

Geo BignTall
Hi I’ve been struggling with this for years People don’t understand what it’s like i fight it everyday I have to work extra hard as I am A carpenter I get soo depressed and I’m even a married man and no one understands the daily battle I play video games to calm myself I forget all the time aa d can’t even remember to lock my doors in the house I need help and I can’t find it It’s almost like people don’t care So I pretend that I’m just normal all the time I don’t like it and I don’t like people because their all about themselves mostly
Comment from : Geo BignTall

I have NLD I also have 205 iq at the age of 14
Comment from : Strategy

Lara Sef
Thank you so much for making a video about this
Comment from : Lara Sef

Mike Gipson
Have you ever thought maybe there is a wide range of variability on the spectrum of "normal"
Comment from : Mike Gipson

Oh my gosh i have both too! I haven't watched past the intro yet but i wanna tell you i am soo excited to👏💓 I just found out about this with myself i am almost 40 and im realizing i dont know anyone like me, this is such a relief It makes me feel whole somehow, and hopeful 🙏ty !
Comment from : MJade

Through the Telescope!
She could still be very well on the spectrum Psychologists mostly focus on the stereotypical manifestations of Autism Autism is very vast and wide in itself, and everyone is different, meaning each person experiences varying degrees of symptoms,or not many of the traditional symptoms of Autism at all It also manifests differently in girls and women, I believe she is on the spectrum, as well as having the learning disability that she does
Comment from : Through the Telescope!

Rose Morgenshtern
Hi, thank you for sharing your story, it helps a lot of people to see that they are not alone there is a cure for that? something scientific or something that doctor is checking right now? it's interesting me because of the technology of today
Comment from : Rose Morgenshtern

Camryn Hauler
I also have nvld and capd and a form of math dylexia and a language processing disorder i absolutely loved hearing your story loved this video!
Comment from : Camryn Hauler

Sean Murray
Hello, I would like to say that it is nice to read the commentary of those who share the same disability as me Our disability is an issue that is not well known, and there is no one in the limelight who can represent us and bring those of us together to share information Hopefully more videos like this one are made in the future
Comment from : Sean Murray

internet girlfriend🔪
I have this, and it's not that bad
Comment from : internet girlfriend🔪

GitaSara Musings
I have a 9 year old daughter who is diagnosed with non verbal learning disorder symptoms How can I help her with her social skills? I live in Dubai
Comment from : GitaSara Musings

Robert Pinto
I have NVLD too I was diagnosed when I was 17 Looking back on many moments in my life I found many times to be very frustrating including school and social situations Having poor depth perception was a huge problem for me, it made me clumsy and I would have a difficult time walking I would bump into people at times or walk to closely catching someone's shoe in front of me It was embarrassing to say the least Also with being able to read body language I have found it tough though ad I have gotten older I have invested time in learning about emotional intelligence and I have scored high on my level of emotional intelligence I have also taken several IQ tests and I fell in the range of having an IQ between 140-150 So if you have NVLD like myself know that I and others are out there looking out for each other I would be happy to share my experiences with anyone
Comment from : Robert Pinto

Abby Bell
Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank all of you for watching, commenting, encouraging and sharing your stories! I feel so honoured to have had the oppourtunity to share my story!!
Comment from : Abby Bell

I’ve got it too
Comment from : TechReviewTom

Marije Groeneveld
I have NLD too and i always thought that i was the only one But after i saw the video and the comments i finally realised that i am not alone ❤️
Comment from : Marije Groeneveld

Mathew Daniels
Great video!! I love it I too am ADHD and NVLD I too have found that talking and writing are among my strengths I am contemplating either teaching or becoming a journalist! You are awesome Thanks for inspiring me
Comment from : Mathew Daniels

aine kline
Thank you for this I also have nvld and its been a struggle Would love to talk more just so I know I am not alone
Comment from : aine kline

Katy Fusco
Thanks for this I have NVLD and ADHD and Anxiety and Aspergers This really helped me to hear someone struggles like me I feel so alone a lot of the time
Comment from : Katy Fusco

Tanya Derksen
Thanks I was dignosed with nvld ,adhd or add too thought have Asburgars too can have both or not too it's complex not much support in community live here in feel often my own try help educate where I can trying contract with others do as well
Comment from : Tanya Derksen

Blanca Rosales
I FELL THE SAME WAY, I hate math but I'm okay with reading
Comment from : Blanca Rosales

Blanca Rosales
I HAVE ADHD, Nverbal Learning Disorder AND MILD ASTIUM OR Asperger’s
Comment from : Blanca Rosales

Rylie Boll
I have Nvld and ADD My biggest issues are figuring out if someone is joking and math It definitely has been a hurdle but I still was able to succeed Now I’m a year ahead in math, but it took so much hard work I can relate to her so much!
Comment from : Rylie Boll

tiahnna yasmine
You are very well spoken
Comment from : tiahnna yasmine

Desirae Parker
I love this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Comment from : Desirae Parker

Ximana Rosales
My sister has mMild Autism’ NonVerbal Learning Disorder and ADD She takes medication for it and she does well wth them
Comment from : Ximana Rosales

Jean Paul Christian
My life with nvld is terrible
Comment from : Jean Paul Christian

Joshua Telem
Can you guys make more videos on NVLD?
Comment from : Joshua Telem

Learn something new everyday! thank you for sharing your story!
Comment from : WatermelonLover

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