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Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and/or Autism?

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Information Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and/or Autism?

Title :  Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and/or Autism?
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Frames Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and/or Autism?

Description Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and/or Autism?

Comments Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and/or Autism?

Sean B
I got diagnosed with Nonverbal learning disorder, when I was liked in first grade where it's now making sense to me
Comment from : Sean B

Peter XXL
I saw this post late My diagnosis of NVLD was many years ago, when I was 13 years old; today I am 56 I was "a bit weird" as a small child and felt marginalized In fact, I didn't understand the children around me at all and especially couldn't handle spontaneous behavior from other children I could not interpret gestures or facial expressions and did not understand verbal innuendos at all That and my physical stolidity seem to fit quite well with what was said in this post In the meantime, I have learned a lot (a theater teacher helped me a lot over a few years), and I can relatively often correctly classify facial expressions and gestures, but I am still completely overwhelmed with spontaneous emotional expressions of other people, which I simply "do not see coming" Oddly enough, however, I can recognize another person's feelings much better when I'm "just" talking to them on the phone, so I don't think people with NVLD diagnosis are not empathic Interesting post
Comment from : Peter XXL

Lucky J Ferguson
These symptoms sound pretty similar to Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)
Comment from : Lucky J Ferguson

margaret capers
@stephaniebethany note that the NVLD project has stated that in the net year a so that nvld will be reconstructed as " visual spatial developmental disability", which will also be know as the white matter model that is associated with right hemisphere brain damage - let it be known that it will be always be a developmental disability and not an LD alone
Comment from : margaret capers

13:04 I feel like I fit in this category Since I started going to a psychologist for evaluation I've been watching autistic youtubers and content about autism, just to inform myself, but youtube kept suggesting it so now I'm very deep into this autism rabbit hole Not that I expected to be diagnosed with autism but as I explored ASD I found that I share a lot in common with these people, except for the stimming and sensory issues Recently the results came back and the main takeaway was that I very likely have NVLD I seldom stim, mostly when I'm stressed (also accompanied by echolalia), and I do not have problems with sound, light, or texture However it seems to me that my senses are amplified in a way (not sight because I have myopia, although I'm great at spotting details and differences); I have not trained my ears and nose much but I can pick up and recognize smells quite decently, when listening to music I can hear minor sound effects, and I often find myself touching stuff that is new to me, even if I don't have to touch it And for the same reason that I feel that my senses are amplified, I find that things autistic people do like wear headphones and dim lights would absolutely help me cope even though I don't necessarily need them
Comment from : Tachysphex

Pamela Bows Art
Another disability that either highly correlated or “imitates” autism— unclear still— is cortical visual impairment! You should do a video about CVI/ ASD overlap!!!
Comment from : Pamela Bows Art

Pamela Bows Art
As an autistic adhder who fits a NVLD dx— this is sounding a lot like stigma getting in the way of science “We don’t want to be a part of THAT group of people” Also disgusting— plenty of nonspeaking people want social interaction, just maybe not with the people studying them lol
Comment from : Pamela Bows Art

Tito Daybid
Very good review Regardless if NVLD is its own thing or part of another including it in the official list of billable disorders (DSM) is a step towards policy/services for NVLD, run on sentance🙃
Comment from : Tito Daybid

Amina Harris
I have it and I thought it might be on the spectrum its a constant struggle But I'm trying
Comment from : Amina Harris

Emma Howes
I think NVLD is part of the autism spectrum That’s a distinct type of autism however that is worth keeping the name nvld to describe I do think that the people trying to say it’s not an asd are trying to avoid autism stigma ASD presentations are so broad It’s possible to be extremely verbal, outgoing, chatty, etc and still have asd But that’s not the stereotype of visual, introverted etc so I think NVLDers want to be recognised as their distinct type… which I believe is part of asd but I understand some people might prefer not to call it that Although I think joining it all together would help to reduce asd stigma and prove we’re not all a monolith Asd is very diverse!
Comment from : Emma Howes

Astral Inkwell
I was diagnosed with NVLD and I always thought it was like I had bits and pieces of autism even though they said I wasn’t on the spectrum I have said I have autism but now I’m unsure if I should because I don’t want to be disrespectful I’ve known for years that I had a learning disability but I’m honestly unsure if I should call it autism now Thank you so much for your video 💕
Comment from : Astral Inkwell

I have an NVLD diagnosis and I tend to think it's separate thing because even though I have a lot of spatial troubles I have never noticed that I haver trouble with body language Also When I listen to people talk about their experience with being on the spectrum I just don't relate aside for the feeling different from other people bit
Comment from : Spiral_Heart

Mikayla Dolan
I'm so glad your looking into this! NVLD should be researched about a lot more As someone diagnosed with NVLD I've been trying to figure out what the difference between NVLD and autism and ADHD There are so many similar traits to autism and adhd I think if there is more research and evidence on the difference of the brain of someone with NVLD compaired to the autism and the atypical brain this would help make a more concrete definition for NVLD I hope NVLD is researched about more and that we eventually have a concrete definition to add to the DSM5
Comment from : Mikayla Dolan

I just found out I had this It makes me sad I had it all my life and people even my teachers knew and made fun of me

I have NLD My official ICD-10 diagnosis is neurodevelopmental disorder with nonverbal deficits We (NLDers) had all been hoping that NLD would be added to the DSM-V, but no such luck There is for sure a fine line between NLD and autism, and I have been told that I have "autistic traits" I also scored in the ASD range on the ADOS I do know some people with both diagnoses I spent a lot of time on Wrongplanet when I was first diagnosed, and although I generally felt like I fit in there, I also thought that my social and sensory issues were less severe than what aspies/auties were dealing with
Comment from : Catrest

a therapist once thought I had nvld but now later in life a different therapist thinks i have aspergers Any ideas of how to get conclusive diagnosis without spending thousands of dollars?
Comment from : R P

Herman Shankovitz
As far as I knew it wasn't under the spectrum That must've just changed cause it never was before I went to a charter school when I was younger and they wouldn't even recognize it as actual learning disability
Comment from : Herman Shankovitz

Peter Mcgee
Prior to my dual diagnoses of ASC/ADHD the screenings included a the possibility of NVLD and a recommendation for further testing, but ruled out by the neuropsychologist His report didn't go over much that was ruled out other than in a few instances of "not clinically sufficient" I get the impression that the distinctions are more fine tuned than at first apparent Side by side comparative charts would be helpful even if some points are more speculative and not settled too date
Comment from : Peter Mcgee

Diana Lynn
It seems to me that NVLD is a non-diagnostic term invented to avoid labeling a child with a spectrum disorder The overlap between ASD and NVLD is so apparent that they should be in the same group Children with NVLD are left with a vague understanding of what makes them “different” than their peers Non-professionals will see these children as high functioning autistics and it appears to a casual observer that the parents are in denial, refusing to acknowledge a formal diagnosis or to seek treatment for their child It seems like a disservice to these children to leave them in confusion when they know something is not quite normal for them Their peers will label them, with or without a formal diagnosis, so they should be given a place in the DSM
Comment from : Diana Lynn

This is so helpful I didn't come across this in my personal informal research Thanks!
Comment from : musicmama

Timothy Fraser
Thank you for making a video specifically in NVLD There are relatively few videos on YouTube about it I would really love to see another video that focuses more on the experiences of NVLDers As opposed to questions like "does it exist?* These questions are really done and over with at this point - NVLD does exist! A great resource is: Mammarella et al (2021) Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disability Routledge Irene Mammarella and her colleagues summarize the bull of literature over the last 20-30 years We've known for quite a while that NVLD demonstrates a different profile with distinct brain differences from ASD Absolutely, NVLD is a close cousin of ADHD and ASD, but it has its own very distinct traits (Disclaimer: I am not an NVLDer, but an ADHDer married to an NVLDer, and it has been really neat to learn together in what ways our experiences align and differ Yay neurodiverse couples!)brbrTo say 'it sounds like ASD but with visuo-spatial differences' might be right, but visuo-spatial differences are a BIG, COMPLEX THING! Much of our lives takes place within the constraints of our visuo-spatial perception! If your perception there differs, it leads to a lot of big differences in your day-to-day experience that other ASDers do not typically experience (I believe)brbrIt means, for example, having challenges judging distance, like how far away a car is when crossing the street? Which straw is the appropriate length for your takeout beverage? How far away is the next step on the stairs, and will you fall when going down stairs unprepared, especially in the dark? Learning math and science is definitely possible, but kids might benefit from more hands-on learning, so that you don't have to rely on visuo-spatial perception as much It means, sometimes, challenges with proprioception, or your ability to sense movement and location in space, such that picking up socks might make you dizzy; car rides, airplanes, and boats can be really tough How coordinated are you? And finally, the tough one - can you detect Non-Verbal social cues? This varies among NVLDers, but it's fairly common for folks to have challenges detecting social cues specifically because they use Non-Verbal cues In contrast, many NVLDers are immensely verbal from a young age and have great talents in this areabrbrThanks for your time and effort working on this topic, and I hope you'll do more on it in the future!
Comment from : Timothy Fraser

autist an autistic Explaining the Autistic Brain
Another point Is that why was changing the Aspergers Diagnosis Bad?brbr It was taken out of the DSM 5 entirely because of too much overlap between aspergers and autismbrbrAt 11:14
Comment from : autist an autistic Explaining the Autistic Brain

Unrelated: I've been wanting to comment this but I held back but I think you should know I appreciate you changing the uncomfortable "spaz tier patreon" into the less but still uncomfy "spinny stimmy" tier You do what makes you comfy but that's just ☆My OpInIoN!!☆ or alternatively ☆jUsT LiKe, My OpInIoN mAn☆ (vine references btw)
Comment from : AspienPadda

mark nugent
Thanks Stephanie, very interesting br brA little amateur shorthand for the brain anatomy functions: br brHippocampus - learning and memory br brAnterior cyngulate gyrus (ACC) - empathy and curiosity br brCaudate nucleus - planning the execution of movement, learning, memory, reward, motivation, emotion, and romantic interaction br brAmygdala - fear and disgust br brHow did I do Stephanie? br br'Caudate nucleus' was new to me too
Comment from : mark nugent

Kayla Parker
To me, it sounds like a subtype of autism and/or adhd, since the criteria is largely the same; though, I find it interesting that brains scans differed between autistics and the NVLD group, so that makes me wonder if NVLD is actually adhd
Comment from : Kayla Parker

Kayla Parker
The list you read off at the beginning just read me out loud
Comment from : Kayla Parker

Kewal Khalsa
Thank you for this well-researched video! I have NVLD, ASD, and ADHD (inattentive presentation) I got the NVLD & ADHD diagnoses first and later figured out I was on the Spectrum because NVLD has so much overlap with ASD, and I had traits above and beyond NVLD I think NVLD should be in the DSM VI and it should be under the ASD umbrella
Comment from : Kewal Khalsa

Shelby Wein
I was diagnosed with Asperger's and Non Verbal Learning Disorder when I was 13 (I'm 30 now) I consider myself autistic and that's what I tell people, especially since Asperger's has troubling origins and NVLD isn't necessarily recognized as a distinct condition Having been given both as a child, I feel like they were just trying not to say "Autism" since it was highly stigmatized when I was growing up, and being female, my presentation of it was different than my male autistic peers
Comment from : Shelby Wein

Never heard the term
Comment from : SSJKamui

Flying Girl
I've never heard of this before Thanks!
Comment from : Flying Girl

Comment from : TYREESE “TJ” JOYNER

Bonnie and Clyde
Look into expressive language disorder
Comment from : Bonnie and Clyde

margaret capers
hey stephanie, i have NVLD and autism let me first tell you that NVLD is also known as right hemisphere brain damage and/ or dysfunction which means the right hemisphere of ones brain didnt develop correctly ( that is tiny lesions developed on the right hemisphere of the brain) and you can have NVLD for a multitude of reasons - example- i lacked oxygen at birth and my right hemisphere didnt develop properly some will argue that at least 80 percent of people with aspergers or pdd-nos will be diagnosed with NVLD and that NVLD somewhere with in the autism spectrum ( like a cheetah is part of the cat category but has different characteristics) sorry I am insanely passionate about NVLDbrbrbralso unlike ADHD NVLD is NOT a chemical imbalance it is a brain dysfunction in the right hemisphere and people with NVLD often respond negatively to ALL medication and people with autism tend to have better spatial abilities and people with ADHD ( believe it or not) statistically read nonverbal information better than someone with just NVLD and just autism
Comment from : margaret capers

Cat Lily
I have heard of NVLD I thought it was now under Autism in the DSM 5 I don't know much about it Only that if you trace letters in my friend's palm she can't identify which letter it is That is supposed to be a trait of NVLD
Comment from : Cat Lily

Lucy Aiken
Thank you for doing a video on this <3
Comment from : Lucy Aiken

Puku Duckie
Aaaah, thank you so much for covering this topic! I was super excited to see this in my notifications I'm hoping the more coverage this topic gets, the more it can add perspective to any potential researchers, as I totally agree with the points, concerns, and questions you've brought up in the video I'm personally in the camp of thinking nvld is probably different from autism spectrum disorder, but like adhd, is possibly a common comorbidity However, just because they may be considered "different", it is true that autism, adhd, and nvld are all nerodevelopmental disorders that have similar issues with cognitions and executive function, if anything they all seem linked in some way brI definitely agree that it's untrue that people with nvld generally desire more connection with other people I think all people desire social and emotional connection with others, it just comes down to if an individual is exhausted enough to not want to try to connect with people who cannot understand and accept them as they are, if it causes less stress and pain to just be alone As a person who has been diagnosed by a professional with nvld, I also struggle with the desire to be around others when it seems to cause more difficulty than just being by myself As you said many times, just because nvld people "tend" to be more verbal, doesn't mean that they do well in social situations Just because I strive to be a human dictionary doesn't mean I'm good at people, likewise, despite striving to be more like a human thesaurus, my speech in general is still very much disorganized, as well as my thoughts, and need to prepare what I'm going to say before I speak, lest it all come out in a mess of stutters I'm much better at conveying myself in text and writing than verbally, that may just be me though I'd also disagree with that report's claim that people with autism have more anxiety than those with nvld, even my own personal diagnosis report says that failure to treat my conditions may cause agoraphobia in the future, which I absolutely have Anxiety and depression are common results of the failure to treat and alleviate problems with the condition, same as Autism Mainly the ability to work with your own strengths, being able to accept yourself, and teaching others so that they may better be able to understand and accept you as well I'd say, just like autism, people with nvld have different difficulties and traits to one another, as well as different personality types and thresholds of stress tolerance It's kind of like that phrase "If you've met one person on the spectrum, you've met one person on the spectrum", that can be applied to other conditions as well :)brAnyway, I think that's probably enough of my babbling for nowbrThank you again for covering this, made my day ♥brI hope all is going well with you, friend, best wishes!
Comment from : Puku Duckie

Caitlin Phillips
First- Thank you for sharing this in an unbiased way and with solid researchbrbrSecond- I'm in the separate diagnosis camp brbra) TL;DR: Because the root cause is different as evidenced by brain scans brbrb) Primary Reasoning: Formally adding NVLD to the DSM-5, and naming it something more appropriate, would serve both NVLD and Autistic persons best in the long run brAs an NVLD person whose presentation tends to be in the visual/spatial deficits and ADHD camp, without being ADHD (they scanned my brain), I was privileged to attend a school district where I received appropriate accommodations Having NVLD accommodations taught me how to create systems that work for me brbrc) Additional Context: I've read online, within the autistic community, that some school districts might be using the NVLD diagnosis inappropriately to underserve their autistic students This makes me understand the urge some have to swiftly usher NVLD into the spectrum It makes me sad/angry that anybody would be misdiagnosed and given inappropriate accommodations My hope is that everyone would be able to receive the diagnosis and accommodations that allow them to thrive
Comment from : Caitlin Phillips

Gonn Fishy
💙💜💛🖤 very well explained I’m already very familiar with NVLD and the criteria however you have explained it especially pointing out at the start it IS NOT about being “non verbal” it’s about defecits in things OTHER THAN verbal-brI don’t know how many outsiders appreciate that, from the title nvld brILU 🦄brbrI personally identify as half Aspie half NVLD 🙂
Comment from : Gonn Fishy

Karen Tormey
You always bring new good stuff! No idea about this one but it’s interesting for sure! So many similarities and differences amongst the autism, ADHD, C-PTSD, and apparently this🤷‍♀️… and that and that other thing lol brbrI do know there are so many diagnostic “labels” that are not diagnostic labels within the education system to avoid labeling anyone with a diagnostic label lol for liability reasons so, ya And many parents simply will take any set of acronyms to not get the autism label
Comment from : Karen Tormey

Gertrude Laronge
Is this related to Hyperlexia in any way? It seems like there is a lot of overlap
Comment from : Gertrude Laronge

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