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My life with a non verbal learning disorder.

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Information My life with a non verbal learning disorder.

Title :  My life with a non verbal learning disorder.
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Frames My life with a non verbal learning disorder.

Description My life with a non verbal learning disorder.

Comments My life with a non verbal learning disorder.

Whats NvLd
Comment from : нⅈᶃᏂ_Ј𝘪𝔫ᕁ

That disability has been around forever it's called non conjunction learning disabilities Some people can't learn math or other academics Its because some people are visual learners
Comment from : нⅈᶃᏂ_Ј𝘪𝔫ᕁ

David Baum
I was diagnosed with NVLD in my early 30’s and now I’m 38 The only big problem with having NVLD is getting a women to except me for who I am and wanting a Romantic relationship with me When you tell them you didn’t go to college or you only have a average job making $57,000 a year they run away
Comment from : David Baum

Jadwiga K
This video makes me feel ,,belonging'' to a certain tribe of peole, thanks Mathew and everyone for sharing your experiences, in my country NVLD is not diagnosed, I'm rather like a somobody who doesn't want to change to perform better, half of my life is a comedy second part a disaster but I keep going , love languages, gardening, books and animals this things rescue me
Comment from : Jadwiga K

SulCoCrazy 2010
How do you get organized at work? I’m finding it to be very difficult and it’s really affecting my performance quite powerfully
Comment from : SulCoCrazy 2010

SulCoCrazy 2010
Sir how do u reconcile your NVLD with work
Comment from : SulCoCrazy 2010

SulCoCrazy 2010
Hello sir! Thank you very much for your videos I find that very informative and helpful I have made a few videos of my own on the NVLD subject; would you mind taking a look and possibly subscribing and commenting? brMaybe I can learn from you
Comment from : SulCoCrazy 2010

Courtney Johnson
Thank you for sharing! I was diagnosed in August 2022 2 months shy of my 34th birthday when I was getting evaluated for ADHD Still trying to figure out how this has impacted my life and how I can move forward
Comment from : Courtney Johnson

Right there with you
Comment from : wolfmage

Thank you for making this video I was diagnosed at 45 y/o Once I got the diagnosis it explained my whole life! I would love to connect with other NVLD'ers that are adults It doesn't seem like there are a lot of resources availible for adults
Comment from : justmoi21

Luis Figueroa
Thanks for sharing your story
Comment from : Luis Figueroa

Messiah’s Gate
I got diagnosed with NVLD at 41 I wish I knew when I was in school, I would have been very helpful
Comment from : Messiah’s Gate

Rachid Alhiane
Whenever something changes in my routine at work I get really stressed out
Comment from : Rachid Alhiane

crystal baugh
I was JUST diagnosed with NVLD and "Specific Learning Disorder with impairment in Math" last month ANDbrbr "Other Specified Attention- Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, Mild variability in attention possibly associated with NLD symptoms"brbr"Other Specified Specified Anxiety Disorder , subclinical for Generalized Anxiety Disorder"brbrbrI am 33 years old and YES, driving is SUPER HARD FOR ME ALWAYS STRESSFUL AND GETTING LOST😟
Comment from : crystal baugh

Thanks for sharing Got diagnosed with nvld in my midthirties It was a relief really And now I dont feel haunted by the brand of intelligent but kinda stupid that I have gotten my whole life Hope you are doing well too
Comment from : stinesfloy

Gabby Del Gaudio
You’re experience sounds just like me I feel seen Math literally can’t process in my brain at all I always felt alone like there weren’t others out there like me Thank you for making this video
Comment from : Gabby Del Gaudio

I was diagnosed with NVLD 3 years ago ( at age 28), right on the cusp of the pandemic & I was in denial about it, with the lock down and lives lost it took my attention off my struggles and my problems Now that I am back at work , I've noticed a lot of struggles brought on by NVLD ( My memory retention, reading body cues, taking things too literal, getting lost in conversation and feeling anxious in conversation- among other things) I'm pretty sure I always had NVLD in my younger years, but I was pretty good at winging it in social settings as well as academically I'm at the age where "winging" it is becoming EXHAUSTING and I really need resources and coping skills for my everyday lifebrbr Finding relatable videos about this disorder has been a struggle, but I 100 related to everything you said Thank you so much for sharing! brbrbrIf anyone can recommend any articles, podcasts, books (etc) geared around living with NVLD, that would be so awesome
Comment from : gl0vibes

Amoke Alakoye
Thank you for sharing your experiences with us It was helpful and encouraging God bless you
Comment from : Amoke Alakoye

Leevi Taren
So its not the same as my Spatial learning disabilities
Comment from : Leevi Taren

oscar Oscar
Hi, do any medication work for none verbal learning disorder? I am an optemistic person, but is it treated the same way as aspergers with anxity?
Comment from : oscar Oscar

This video described me
Comment from : TrevorSwear

Carol Brown
My son has been diagnosed with NVLD He has completely shut down and isolated himself He is 17 and he is very angry at everyone He is brilliant but he is very stressed out Any advice on how I can help him?
Comment from : Carol Brown

Yessss, im lost anywhere, everywherebrbrI relate to you!🤗 Good to have a comrade
Comment from : MJade

Sophia Cromwell
Thank you so much for sharing!! I don’t feel “so alone” (especially the part about getting lost) :)
Comment from : Sophia Cromwell

Hi mr Matt it’s me Leanne
Comment from : Senpai_Leanne

Diederik Huys
NVLD+ASD here My experience with the "forgetting" is a little bit nuanced: my parents and several of my peers think I have a very good memory, but it's directed at details I kind of can forget the big picture (or I wouldn't have noticed it in the first place) Also, there's not something like visual memory for me: everything is abstract Also, I can confuse two concepts in memory, sometimes in very weird ways But I wouldn't say I have bad memory overallbrbrI actually did extremely well for sciences (I got 100 for chemistry once) and languages (except French, but I'm learning it now as an adult), and usually very poorly in mathematics But during my student years, I could more accurately see where the problems are For example, for mathematics, integrals are extremely difficult (even low to moderately difficult integrals are for me very, very hard), but group theory was a breeze while it looked more difficult for others In physics, solving 1st year university problems about kinetics and dynamics was for me always a disaster, but understanding the theory usually saved my ass Later, more "advanced" theories based on other, more abstract principles (wave theory, quantum mechanics, special relativity) was weirdly enough easier for me to understandbrbrLearning the rules of a game: total disaster!brbrI had to quit speleology because I can't tie knots, which is essential in this discipline if you want to livebrbrLast but not least: I gathered 2 higher education degrees, did a PhD (but messed it up right at the end), did music academy and what not, but once I had to take an entry test for a government job, I failed miserably I was told it's not uncommon for NVLD and/or ASD people to gather degrees like stamps, but flunkwhen you're in the working environment where the stakes are a lot higher, and test are made with a specific "corporate" goal in mind
Comment from : Diederik Huys

Ah, bad with math, forgetfulness, yes this is sounding quite familiar I can't say I've ever picked up a language particularly quickly - I know a fair amount of big words in English, though! :P I've known I've had this disorder since I was a kid, butnever have quite worked out a great way to handle it overall Life has this tendency to throw situations at you that do not suit your strengths at all when you've got this disorder, I think People expect a normal performance, and you just kind of have to muddle through in a lot of cases Feels like I'm not built for most things
Comment from : Gray

Emma Johnson
I was diagnosed with NLD when I was 18 High school was terrible because nobody knew my actual diagnosis, math was difficult, and having friends was a challenge Thanks for telling your story
Comment from : Emma Johnson

Great video man interesting to see the different talents a disadvantages
Comment from : kennyros357

Christiana Walter
NVLD's unite:) Hi Mathew, it's so interesting to hear from other people with this disorder I found myself nodding along with this ALOT Especially relating to struggles with math/directions/organization Have you had a hard time with driving? i also find it really fascinating how it can actually be a strength in certain areas I'd be interested to know what kinds of things you feel help with the stress/anxiety part of things I also find international relations fascinating!
Comment from : Christiana Walter

Rob G
I had this diagnosed with NLD when I was 17 and now I’m only looking into this at age 20 my ADD is there also I’m good at math strangely , good at most subjects I’m great at languages My brain was very slow to develop and I’m still behind my peers
Comment from : Rob G

zz chats
Newly diagnosed with NVLD (at age 30) here! Your video was so helpful When you said "I was never as good as I should have been," I really felt that Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors!!!
Comment from : zz chats

dee-dee mega doo-doo
i was just diagnosed with NVLD and it’s hard to find videos like this thanks for making one!
Comment from : dee-dee mega doo-doo

Lorraine H
I was just diagnosed with NVLD at age 55 This disorder has shaped my whole life, sometimes in good ways but more often in negative ways People at my job get exasperated with me when I get confused in the hustle and bustle I've made serious blunders at work which have almost gotten me fired I have trouble with relationships and have spent my whole life alone I brsee things in black and white (all or nothing) instead of shades of gray And I tend to dwell on the negative things in my life which leads to depression and anxiety, both of which I'm medicated for
Comment from : Lorraine H

You and I have a lot in common I was diagnosed in first grade with "SOMETHING", but they couldn't say what "it" vvas The pediatrician said that on the scale, thirteen was considered significant learning disability, I was a 40! Shooting's something I'm pretty good at, but growing up in Alabama, that was a way of life! Thank you for putting this out there! I'm on some serious medication for anxiety and depression and in therapy for self-esteem issues I'd love to meet you someday and talk!
Comment from : hrdknox2000

Great vid, very clarifying how NVLD can work out in daily life What strikes me is that you seem to have (very) good social skills, which are often not well developed in people with NVLD because they can have problems with interpreting non-verbal cues Did you ever have problems with this and did you overcome it or was it never an issue for you?
Comment from : Laughinggray

Heart Roll
I’m the same I adore languages, I study Japanese by myself and have been for 85 years brbrI want to learn other languages too at one pointbrbrIn Canada, we need to learn French for a certain amount of years and I did traffic in it I would’ve loved to continue it but my level wasn’t available brbrI loved English class in high school brbrbrI wanted to be an ECE, a person who helps with kids I had so many issues to the point I had to drop out of collegebrbrI get stressed with basic stuff sometimes and get frustrated I am horrible at math but I took a different program in college at one point and had to take a finical class and got about a 75 percent
Comment from : Heart Roll

Rage Against Ordinary
Thanks for sharing your experience
Comment from : Rage Against Ordinary

I also have NVLD Additionally, I have depression and ptsd What specifically was difficult about shooting? I had a really hard time with soccer as a kid Was great at the individual skills, but couldn’t figure out the layout of the field when playing a game
Comment from : Rosie

jordie cornfield
thank you so much for this video ive had a diagnosed NVLD since 5yrs old NVLDs need to be talked about more because so many people don't acknowledge their existence people I considered my closest friends told me that my disorder wasn't real and went on to bully me and purposefully make it so i couldnt understand things and/or exclude me and not tell me why people with NVLDs tend to be picked on by the assholes of the world im glad to know that more people have this because i thought i was one of the only ones thank you for this video :)
Comment from : jordie cornfield

Marie-Claude ortho
Merci pour cette vidéo! J'aime beaucoup la manière dont tu expliques tes défis et l'importance de bien se connaitre pour faire les bons choix
Comment from : Marie-Claude ortho

AmSingh G
Dear Mathew-Thank you so much for making this video I have a 19 yr old son with NVLD and I probably have a mild form of NVLD as well Your honesty and courage touch me I just wanted to say I admire your courage and honesty I see a light of divinity in your expression and thoughts You have innocence and honesty Wanted to wish you all the best Please keep going We are all made differently and there is nothing or no-one who is 'perfect' or 'typical' Remember the John Audubon quote-The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those than sang the best! Keep fighting and keep chugging along! You'll be fine brother God bless!
Comment from : AmSingh G

I have it too
Comment from : Slippery

Highly informative
Comment from : Y

I was diagnosed recently I'm 21 and still trying to wrap my head around it, my question is can adults with nvld live normal lives?
Comment from : get_rowdy17

Dark Man
I hate adhd and IAnd a learning problem it’s really sad because this will not go away I thought I left it behind in high school yet it follows me into my job I had a hard time learning and I quit my job because of it
Comment from : Dark Man

I relate having NVLD, Matthew! Strengths always been languages, history & audio skills (music, imitation & rote memory) whereas the math & sciences are just ugly (Esp money) But nvld really does keep ya strong Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Films26LUV2

Chapstick Addict
I have this!
Comment from : Chapstick Addict

Bliaspora LLC
Thanks for the video, my son was just diagnosed today so I'm just now learning of the disorder My wife and I always had our suspicions that something wasn't right so now I know to be more patient with my son
Comment from : Bliaspora LLC

Yves Deploige
Hi Mathew, thank you for sharing your story I have a 12 year old with NVLD and as parents we are trying to understand his challenges and we are helping him in school with that Your video makes a difference for many people who are coping with NVLD I guess Are you familiar with NVLDorg?
Comment from : Yves Deploige

Nice to find a video about NVLD as it's experienced by adults Just a reminder: while there are general characteristics of NVLD, the symptoms can vary a lot I relate to some of what Mathew relates about his experience, but not at all to others For example, I'm very verbal and have always been bad at math, but I can shoot well (so I was told at a gun club once), and I have a strong sense of direction Just to assure people that you can still have NVLD and not have the exact same set of symptoms brbrThe only way to know if you have NVLD is to get evaluated by a qualified professional Some NVLD symptoms overlap with those of conditions like ADHD and even high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others, so you have to go through the testing to really knowbrbrI see that some people use the "D" to stand for "disorder," while others use it for "disability" The terms aren't synonyms, and I'd like to know what the correct term is On NVLDorg they say "disability"
Comment from : Historian212

Nuno Martins
Hi My son is 11 yrs old and was diagnosed with non-verbal learning dificulties and is allways irritable and also angry towards study and also peers in school Did this happened to you in school? If so what helped you? Thanks and be well
Comment from : Nuno Martins

Thank you for this video! I was diagnosed in my early 20s (in my late 30s now) and I"ll never forget finally realizing that I wasn't just a "weirdo"
Comment from : St’Acey

Katie Anderson
I have NVLD too it was nice to find this video There needs to be more
Comment from : Katie Anderson

Clarice Trinchero
Thank you for your video! You did a great job helping me understand a little more about NVLD Our psychologist is suspecting that my daughter has NVLD and ADHD I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult Looking back I believe that this may apply to me as well I can relate to a lot of the things you were talking about There isn’t much information on this so I appreciate your channel
Comment from : Clarice Trinchero

Katy Smith
Thank you so much for making these videos! Just hearing your story is so encouraging My daughter was diagnosed with this disorder, and I'm pretty sure I also have it
Comment from : Katy Smith

Harry Shepherd
I am a relatively high-functioning NVLD person and am about to pursue a masters degree in something I know I am not necessarily built for but feel the need to do it because it in theory interests me and I'm bored with what I do currently I really hope it works out for me but I know deep-down that it''ll involve a lot of fight Really hope it goes well
Comment from : Harry Shepherd

Jess Reed
I was diagnosed as a child when my mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder so i got lost in all of her coping until i got out of my own head and stopped mimicking her for social cues Clumsy all my life and issues with right and left navigation which makes driving difficult on a daily basis because i like to take the same route and half the time its blocked of not possible with most ppl dont understand when i explain it to them I adore books and always have one with me as a comfort if i need it in a stressful moment Math is my mortal enemy! My fiancé loves guns but shooting with him is hard because half the time i cannot find the target, much less hit it Despite all of the social awkwardness and fiddling with things nervously when i am not dropping them, i have some really great friends who have not given up on me even though i didn’t have a name for how my brian works up until a few weeks ago when i found some old papers from childhood on NVLD given to me by a doctor brI may be awkward with most situations and feel things differently than i probably should socially My anxiety may hit me like a train when i wake up in the morning about the activities of the day but i have my foundation and my friends and family who love me and i love them all even if i cannot show them on a normal emotional level brNot to focus on the negative here, because of the way My brain works i have learned how cope and get through those odd situations that i get lost in It flexes my brain to do it and since the brain is also a muscle its gotta be strong brThat took an odd turn so i will end my rant brThank you for the video on a personal perspective rather than all the clinical videos on this disorder
Comment from : Jess Reed

Rose B
its being able to percieve concepts in 3d
Comment from : Rose B

Dymphna Therese
One of my biggest social issues as a 22 year old with this is talking at inappropriate volumes I've been told even in a quiet voice that my pitch naturally carries somehow It's very embarrassing because if I'm trying to talk to a friend quietly about something personal my emotions can stir and I wind up telling the whole world with no recognition of my volume I really have a lot of trouble understanding how loud my voice is, even if I'm focusing on listening closely to keep it in check If anyone has any advice I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use it!
Comment from : Dymphna Therese

Moriah Bremer
Look forward to watching more of your videos Gave me hope for when he grows up My son was diagnosed with NVLD and ADHD in March He is 6 We just got an IEP set up for school this upcoming year Could relate that he is very verbal and he memorizes a lot things He will memorize reading assignments from listening to his teacher, but struggled when I actually made him go back and read it out of order Appreciate you making these videos and sharing how you cope with it and strategies to help
Comment from : Moriah Bremer

Thank you for your video My daughter has NVLD She is 10 and we have dealt with group bullying, Inflexible teachers, and iep issues Therapy and calming strategies are helpful I wanna fight for her and others to get NVLD accepted as a diagnosis, so accommodations can be made inbr schools, workplaces, and insurance coverage for treatments like therapy I just haven't figured out how yet
Comment from : WS

MC Camps
Thanks for sharing your experience with NVLD I have a 23 year old son who is struggling with finding a career that suits his strengths It’s challenging He has also had a tough time finding a good way to learn He’s very bright, but he works really hard just to get average results
Comment from : MC Camps

I have NVLD Very good video-thank you! I worked as a Chemical Dependency Counselor-it was hell because of my impaired executive function I felt like Lucille Ball on crack I never had a 40hr work week-because I was always behind I worked in several different settings thinking it might be more manageable here than there I was bullied by coworkers and feel into a depression I ended up working in case management and utilization review-loving the case management but not the UR-who wants to fight insurance companies all week? I can totally relate to your realizations that somethings just aren’t going to be possible-like shooting I ended up moving across the country and working in a forensic hospital where I was injured in Oct 2016 So I’m taking my time to heal before diving into what’s next because I want it to be successful I really appreciated hearing this!!! Best of luck to you in your new career venture:)!
Comment from : SkyeDreams

As far as school subjects, I was not naturally "good" at any subject (even languages) because of NVLD BUT, I excelled at pretty much EVERY subject in school because of ROTE LEARNING I took calculus, APs in high school, and went to a competitive four year where I studied language and communication Obviously, don't go crazy and lose out on a life because of all the repetition But if you go over any concept enough times in a style that makes sense to you, you can "learn" anything Better yet, I found because of NVLD that when I learned something ( even though it took me longer) I understood the concept inside and out It's something I carry with me today Once someone with NVLD has the understanding of a concept, their verbal skills blow other people away It's very much an advantage academically and presents itself in writing as well Hope this adds some perspective or is helpful for other NVLD'ers
Comment from : Shelby

margaret capers
I was diagnosed with having NVLD and autism at age 25, but it was suggested in my IEP when I was 17
Comment from : margaret capers

Erins Channel
I have nvld and it's hard finding videos about it I really liked this video, related to it a lot 👍
Comment from : Erins Channel

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