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John Dewey’s 4 Principles of Education

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Information John Dewey’s 4 Principles of Education

Title :  John Dewey’s 4 Principles of Education
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Comment from : Sprouts

madison stearns
Amazing how little has changed I was actively encouraged not to participate in social change
Comment from : madison stearns

dandelion ranger
Long Live Dewey
Comment from : dandelion ranger

Jerry world
Could you help me with learning graphics? Plz
Comment from : Jerry world

Derpyditto 2000
I wish schools taught for the futurebrbrbr It feels like they're preparing elementary kids for the most basic aspects of society, andbrbrfor the obscure trivia gameshow! where four wrong answers means you're not getting that peice of paper important to getting a stable source of incomeorbrbrimportant to gain access to the specific trivia gameshow! Where you need to pay an extortionate amount of money, and you pay for each time you play, but you usally need to play multiple times to get a peice of paperbrbrto roll the magic dice and make a decent income, as long as you roll a 6brbrDo you see the problem here?
Comment from : Derpyditto 2000

Marlin Sanders
In 1996 the new South Africa adopted thiss dangerous philosophy of education 25 Years later, we have millions of people who went through this "education" who can't read, are unskilled and unemployed br(All truth is God's truth)
Comment from : Marlin Sanders

John Dewey created the dumbing down the modern education system use the Government as way to funded education dollars spend and wasted and still no better results
Comment from : Kool-Aid

Comment from : PCM

As a John Dewey student his philosophy is nothing like it's supposed to be, at least in 2023
Comment from : lek

Patrick Suverano
kaway kaway for all of my classmates who watch this for our subject ethics 😅
Comment from : Patrick Suverano

This video is amazing, it summarizes correctly Dewey's thoughts about education, it is a bittersweet feeling because many agree with his theory of learning while others do not, in my personal opinion for me since I was a child it has always been easier to learn with the practice of education than reading for hours thousands of pages, but it is true that not everything can be like that
Comment from : OG

Burning-A Korean movie
Most modern students already follow these ideas unknowingly and knowingly which is such a great sign for the future of humanity! ❤️✨
Comment from : Burning-A Korean movie

Mhd Shahnwaz
This video are so amazing but it lacks sound
Comment from : Mhd Shahnwaz

Nurul Hana
does john dewey principle same as pragmatism philosophy?
Comment from : Nurul Hana

No Why? LAWYERS As a teacher, We do what we can to not get sued
Comment from : lllllllllllllllllllllll

Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed
lol what a scam
Comment from : Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed

Bill Lustan
Comment from : Bill Lustan

For Gentlemen
I love the ideas in this video Parents, nowadays, you must teach this approach to learning to your children Today, schools mislead your children to think memorization is learning Compare that statement to your own life experience when you encountered that person with the good grades, but what seemed like zero common sense Is memorization wrong? Pay attention Focus on what works Who cares if you can memorize information Show me what you can do with it Are you doing something that tends towards life? Best wishes!
Comment from : For Gentlemen

Rosalia Alvarado
Great video
Comment from : Rosalia Alvarado

Dhanwantie Persaud
So basically it like integration in each subjects
Comment from : Dhanwantie Persaud

Ruth  Nannyunja
Very helpful for me and saving me a lot of time too
Comment from : Ruth Nannyunja

Comment from : PeterAngusGuy

Antonio Lim
NOnot reallyDewey would be rolling in his grave todaysadlyschools are about dollars and cents invested on industries (acting as if they truly cared about schools) - not the students - and spoon-feeding a narrative that sells whatever is the dogma of the current generationit really does not encourage "debates", "organization" or "mobilization" among students because it is seen as "radicalization"standardization is the name of the game today and media just made it their cash cow So at best, experiential learning is driven by deep bias from influence peddlers for monetization
Comment from : Antonio Lim

Brenda Morales
Gracias Sprouts for estos excelentes vídeos pues permiten comprender las ideas de gente como Dewey en una manera divertida y fácil; lamentablemente, yo estudié en forma tradicional y los cursos pedagógicos los recibí sin comprender nada y sin relacionar con que deseaba poner en práctica estas ideas
Comment from : Brenda Morales

Anne Gichohi
Thanks, well done Sprouts and the visuals are just amazing Dewey's theory is certainly viable if there is proper funding for Education It It is therefore easier to implement in a private school setting as compared to a public school one A critic would be: how possible is it to find enough time within the term to implement the learning by doing eg planting and watching plants grow while at the same time covering the required syllabus? For the discussions it is important that some teacher instructions and prior reading and research happens before for the discussion/debate to be meaningful enough to sprout out new perspectives and ideas brFor the interdisciplinary aspect to work, very strong school leadership is essential as well as a strong teamwork culture among staff as it would require a lot of sharing, consultations, planning and constant reviews
Comment from : Anne Gichohi

Petjo Bedet
Dewey‘s theories are so Flippin theoretical but they have almost no practical use
Comment from : Petjo Bedet

Ralph Klewitz
great summary
Comment from : Ralph Klewitz

If kids today could learn to make a coherent argument at all, I'd be amazed!
Comment from : Uarehere

Sifra van Amerongen
Thank you for this shirt video, it really helps me trying to get through Dewey's texts! I am writing my pedagogy vision, which is influenced by Dewey!
Comment from : Sifra van Amerongen

Alex Alvarez
thanks hopefully i pass my final
Comment from : Alex Alvarez

John Dewey destroys the quality of American Education Look at Asian style of learning, its of high level than ever
Comment from : ZPPSU-DRRMO

Indian linguistics
When you realise you are learning about better systems of learning by a worse one:(
Comment from : Indian linguistics

khadija haroon roll no 32 morning
Not in Pakistan Schools are just preparing rot learners
Comment from : khadija haroon roll no 32 morning

The Last Usurper
This is brilliant and sums up all the best bits about Dewey and his thoughts on education I haven't looked but about to and see if you have done a follow on to Pragmatism that you hinted upon in the last few moments Good stuff and keep up the great work
Comment from : The Last Usurper

Rex Georg
I believe the guy was a psychopath
Comment from : Rex Georg

Applaud Dewey if you like socialism John Dewey borrowed his philosophy from William James, a philosophy that removed all fixed values and guidelines by which the individual might define himself and his goals (basically the Bible and the Constitution) It's a philosophy that promotes the idea that truth is relative and can be defined by each new generation As was once said, "ideas have consequences" If Dewey had been accurate, by now we'd be living in Eutopia Instead the world is uglier and more self-centered In fact, with Dewey's pragmatic, collectivist ideas permeating education since the late 1800s, it seems that students are viewed as merely animals who function in a kind of stimulus/response/adaptation cycle Progressive education has ultimately failed because its premises are anti-human And, now, we get to live with the consequences of those ideas Not a Dewey fan PS Not a Horace Mann fan either
Comment from : HistoryBee

Tejaswini Naragude
👌 suprb
Comment from : Tejaswini Naragude

Eric Pham
Reward for performance and resulted and morale and believe in truth not hallucinated ambition
Comment from : Eric Pham

“The mere absorbing of facts and truths,” he wrote, “is so exclusively individual an affair that it tends very naturally to pass into selfishness There is no obvious social motive for the acquirement of mere learning, there is no clear social gain in success thereat” (John Dewey, The School and Society, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1956, p 15) br-Ayn Rand, Comprachicos; Progressive ed as mind-disintegration in favor of social approval The increasing mindlessneess of American culture is the effect, eg, Trump, Biden, traditionalism, egalitarianism
Comment from : TeaParty1776

I was too stupid to comprehend linking knowledge like this when I was younger 🙁
Comment from : xWyvern58x

We become what we are in spite of the education we receive

P Rengert
Dewey was a hardcore communist (who defended Stalin!) and hated religion And despite his views and success at infiltrating them into schools - public education is still awful What isn't daycare is disconnected facts with little attempt at connecting them to practical reality Quiz: what does a secant do? Answer: don't ask because the teacher doesn't know
Comment from : P Rengert

Cooking and Tips with Shajiya
Comment from : Cooking and Tips with Shajiya

James Lovell
Nope Dewey was a utopist Same ole Darwinan process of elimination prevails Blind variation and environmental filtration
Comment from : James Lovell

Sirojiddin Olimov
Thank you for the short and sweet video It is much more understandable for hours of reading brPlease keep up creating such content
Comment from : Sirojiddin Olimov

Eric Strahler
I was a victim of public schooling 4h as a kid taught me so much more by doing rather than pedantic bookish learning I dreaded those tests
Comment from : Eric Strahler

Marco Morel
Principle 5: pay the people you contract! 🥰🥰
Comment from : Marco Morel

Elisabeth Epperbarry
recipient of a public school education here, 80's and 90'sI remember group work and projects but the look of the classroom spaces were still very traditional and used more often When I watched this video I wondered what a truly interdisciplinary experiential school would physically look like I don't think it would have rows of desks facing the blackboard as the main part of the classroom! On the other hand it looks like a lot of work for one teacher and 26 students Anyone know any real places that do this? Sounds a lot like Montessori?
Comment from : Elisabeth Epperbarry

Armen Cekic
In the Western Balkans there are very rare cases of this practice, mainly individual and as part of extracurricular classes Not ages behind, but going in completely wrong direction, focused on system, not on students
Comment from : Armen Cekic

i would kill for that kind of education
Comment from : Rat_King-

Aus Bare
Age education is still a big thing brAll X years old are the same and therefore all are as smart as each other this goes on into high school brIf a X year old does not under stand at the end of the year to bad the X year old moves up a level any way
Comment from : Aus Bare

William Schutter
Dewey was so wrong about school uniforms Now he would champion them as a means of forced equality and discipline
Comment from : William Schutter

I agree with his thinking on education and life But I disagree about doing away with school uniforms I think uniforms neutralize and give all students an equal standing in the classroom
Comment from : JVS 3

Hm-m-m School uniforms eliminate class distinctions among students They also relieve students of the anxiety inherent in making daily sartorial choices Uniforms also reinforce the conviction that one's intellectual growth should be one's highest priority, not one's vanity served by fashion, fads, and agonizing over clothing purchases When I was a university student In California in the 1970's, the universal uniform for students, male and female, was: tee-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes Clothing was purely a practical matter (There were the occasional eccentrics, who were amusing on account of their rarity) School children do not yet have the adult wisdom of those university students They are vulnerable to their anxieties
Comment from : Zeitgeist

Mark Vincent Ordiz
my self expression as a superstitious istj is wearing a uniform
Comment from : Mark Vincent Ordiz

Anand Ghurye
Comment from : Anand Ghurye

education was like that in east-germany in the 80s i took class 1-9 there the last years i spent in westgermany, were it was almost multiple choice only so, in my case the answer is "yes", but in most cases it´s "no" i guess thank you very much for sharing
Comment from : MAD42

Careen Tan
I am studying John Dewey's Philosophy This video really makes me understand more clear on his principles, such attractive fun animation and clear explanation!
Comment from : Careen Tan

From someone that actually knows something about this: This video is totally misleading in every way Dewey was evil Public school is evil - it's purpose is to make children stupid, immoral, illiterate, followers of fools
Comment from : 12cunow

Jim Caldwell
It is interesting to me that compulsory education is the norm in every nation regardless of the political ideology of the regime compelling it, and the fundamental lessons imposed are conformity of thought, along with uniform respect and fealty for 'Educators' authority and that of the regime in power
Comment from : Jim Caldwell

elvis plaza
awante pin ucm 2018 vieja no me importa nada
Comment from : elvis plaza

David Wilkie
Pure Genius of simple descriptions of how Actual Intelligence is applied in Reality Thanks to John Dewey
Comment from : David Wilkie

No not really unless you were in like shop class or art you got gym music cooking class I guess those are all Hands-On 🇺🇸👍
Comment from : LJ,Smooth,69

Just for those people that don't know or just simply flying over their heads a Democratic society is a republic not a Democrat which is completely different but a democratual society is a republic 🇺🇸👍
Comment from : LJ,Smooth,69

This is done in Montessori
Comment from : Busysaru

Richard Leslie
When I went to school in the sixties, there was one program, one track, and it all revolved around completing workbooks, memorizing facts and spewing them back in exams, and in addition being judged on academic performance (if memorizing and spewing dates and other facts counts as performance), we were given a grade for "citizenship" A good grade in citizenship meant you didn't give the teachers any trouble: you had learned to go along to get along A bad grade meant you were Trouble, and got a lot of negative attention from the vice principal I spent most of school, particularly middle school, in terror of making someone mad, or being different It was a hateful experience
Comment from : Richard Leslie

Slow Brow
Sprouts is favorite
Comment from : Slow Brow

Thank you for doing this amazing job Sprouts!
Comment from : Gigimar

Yellow Dough
1) learn by doingbr2) discussionbr3) interactivebr4) interdisciplinary
Comment from : Yellow Dough

Fred Orman
Dewey’s work has been misinterpreted by successive generations of teachers, which isn’t surprising because the schools of education have the easiest curriculum of any discipline, which attracts the shallowest students Public (government) education in America is a joke
Comment from : Fred Orman

Lexy Swope
In Biology we had to let fruit rot in a Petri dish Years later I realized that it gave me an abhorrence to eating fruit Once I realized that I became a much healthier eater It probably didn't effect most people the same way
Comment from : Lexy Swope

Friendly Fire
Part 4 about cross-curricular education is always the dream that flops in a school setting It actually gets boring, for one Learning every possible thing from every angle about one things gets awfully tedious after a while
Comment from : Friendly Fire

Brian Foley
Just more pyscho-babel Some of it has real application but most of it is just crapmy argument's strength comes from proofthis theory has produced the morons w have now
Comment from : Brian Foley

Mintu Saren
Higher education is school
Comment from : Mintu Saren

Andre Antunha
99,9 of "social reforms" are for worst and really hard to be reversedbrDewey is "musical" and utopian therefore flawsbrBetter learn about education from Thomas Sowell whose thoughts are empirically "obviously howling"
Comment from : Andre Antunha

Scout Johnson
I thought education was all about conformity, and doing what you were told to do, that is what the most expensive schools achieve
Comment from : Scout Johnson

Great artist
Comment from : PatternSon

Richard Burden 9809
My school was too crowded for everyone to flourish I have not seen any change in the last 50 years since I graduatedbrbrRANKED CHOICE VOTING IS MUCH NEEDED NOW!brbrI re-educated my self after I turned 35 It took me 17 years to realize how little they thought me
Comment from : Richard Burden 9809

Dennis GarryOwen
Wow! Isn't it great John Dewey's ideas brought us to where we are now Just great
Comment from : Dennis GarryOwen

𝕋𝕖𝕔 𝕆𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗
Uniforms are super cool, you don't have to think too much about dressing up, yet everyone has their unique touch to thy self Everyone feels part of a pattern, group, in for what matters most
Comment from : 𝕋𝕖𝕔 𝕆𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗

Daryl Cumming
Ideas and concepts about education from an different era
Comment from : Daryl Cumming

This video seems to have the misconception that the goal of modern education is to provide every peasant child with the tools to become leaders and innovators in society as an adult
Comment from : Mlai00

Jose Mathews
Kindly speak slowly, it will make classes more effective Most of us are not native english speakers Thank U
Comment from : Jose Mathews

Josiah Fleming
I was homeschooled via the Abeka Homeschool program I got to do all sorts of things to apply what I learned
Comment from : Josiah Fleming

The dewey decimal system qas dumbing down at its finest He ruined the education system
Comment from : 1171

Rudy Lovato
Our kids are not educated they are indoctrinatedbrThis is the result of john Deweys theory our kid's need to read and imagine and have the learning disciplines it takes to be successful in what ever field of study the chose brGo back to the traditional education we were a much smarter society
Comment from : Rudy Lovato

ken studebaker
Dewey was a communist, propagandist for Stalin, and is largely why our education has fallen so far in USAbr🖕😒
Comment from : ken studebaker

nancy wysemen
old now but back in 50's-70's a bit hit or miss prefered art as it one of the doing modes too controled by teacher feifdom
Comment from : nancy wysemen

Students learn better doing what they enjoy in life
Comment from : 1panic0

Kiran Kaur
All theories given by John dewy are included in bed and we have learnt useful video 👍
Comment from : Kiran Kaur

Filosofía de película
The school is essentially authoritarian And when it wants to pose as "democratic", it is even worse
Comment from : Filosofía de película

Fandy Ismatullah
I've heard the old saying, learning at youth like carving in the stone while learning at older age is like writing in the water Children are fast memorizing and imitating they are not best at comprehension generally speaking While adult is quick in comprehension Trying to get a discussion going between teenager age 12 - 15 is way harder than one might even think
Comment from : Fandy Ismatullah

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