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The Biggest Myth In Education

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Information The Biggest Myth In Education

Title :  The Biggest Myth In Education
Lasting :   14.27
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Comments The Biggest Myth In Education

I had to learn all of those learning types, because most teacgers in my school don't know about vark
Comment from : StarboyLZ

Christian Weather Broadcasting
Repent and trust in Jesus We deserve Hell for our sin Lying, lusting, etc, but God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross and ride from the grave to free us from sin If you repent and trust in him youll be savedbrRomans 3:23brJohn 3:16❤😊❤❤
Comment from : Christian Weather Broadcasting

Since memory works by neural connections, it's pretty natural that having connections to many different things would improve learning
Comment from : FaRo

Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenius
When i learn, i associate things or words or concepts woth others things like i visualise them IN MY MIND for me to understand or remember them laterbrIf im interested in something i will remember it
Comment from : Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenius

Filosof u pokušaju
The juxtaposition of scientific thought and non-scientific modes of cognition reveals a rather peculiar confluence Your elucidation in the concluding segment of the video conspicuously resonates with the philosophical framework of phenomenology
Comment from : Filosof u pokušaju

The fact I heard college professors defending this theory as a fact is appaling
Comment from : D

Marlon Brade
The reason why i learned very much in youtube, because indian tutors voice are so nice to hear
Comment from : Marlon Brade

ww cuty
i actually was confused when the video started but by the end of the video i realised that i also felt the pressure of what method should i opt to memorise stuff better now i feel a it relieved about stuff
Comment from : ww cuty

because of school I've had to do this I would associate things with something completly different but it always helps with my short term memory
Comment from : KneelforNeil

Del Pouglos
Very good gaming tuto
Comment from : Del Pouglos

Xyma Ryai
i think i can say faithfully that i am not an auditory learner i'm not sure how much it contributes to a multimodal example, but on its own, i cannot recall even a single 3 digit number if i don't stop and prepare for it 10 seconds in advance i always have to ask someone to repeat both numbers if i'm comparing them
Comment from : Xyma Ryai

Martin Čelko
That being said I think if you know you are visual and spatial learner its a cool secret to have Most people won't know how you think or how you arrive at answers Which is kind of cool advantage to have Not great when you don't actually know you are visual spatial learner and learn like others though
Comment from : Martin Čelko

My psych teacher showed us this! I appreciated it so much, this never felt applicable to my actual life
Comment from : Daniel

I find it easier to remember things in pairs Like if I say bird bell, bike eye, etc instead of trying to remember bird, bell, bike, eye at once
Comment from : Toomanycactus

Prosper Haglund
Hypothesis: this video is going to say that using all learning styles combined help you learn betterbrAnd now we wait…
Comment from : Prosper Haglund

Acid Dice
I can learn well with about any style i dont really have preference for one
Comment from : Acid Dice

Flemming argued that an educator should not 'overly rely' on one preference or style or adopt a more appropriate style for that lesson, topic, or theory This has been misunderstood for years by educators A combination of approaches will always be best, not just focusing on a preference
Comment from : twistedsparky06

Naman Jain art and drawing academy
Why my learning style is mood
Comment from : Naman Jain art and drawing academy

The street experiment reflects working memory, not specifically learning style that might be utilized for long-term retention of information
Comment from : J L

C Kye
I’m just so happy that you addressed this topic Certified teachers were boasting themselves, on how to differentiate between students learning styles I never saw this theory in reality proven
Comment from : C Kye

Amir A
“Visual”: ie dumb and impatient
Comment from : Amir A

Nico De Aquino
the only way ur not a visual or an auditory learner is when ur blind or deaf
Comment from : Nico De Aquino

Passakorn Yangmak
I thought I was a visual learner but I just discovered a few months ago that I have aphantasia lol
Comment from : Passakorn Yangmak

someone plz post the timestamp for the answer of the myth
Comment from : YuzukiEba

Duhh ofcourse I'm a visual learner, I don't think I'd learn much from my college books if I was blind
Comment from : Domni

I'm a tactile kinesthetic learner and i failed all my classes My name is Stephen Hawking
Comment from : T Z

Addie Hillman
It's not learning styles, it's wether or not the teaching is interesting or boring We all learn better if we are interested in what we are learning
Comment from : Addie Hillman

Joshua Josephson
Uh oh Who's going to break this to @jazza?
Comment from : Joshua Josephson

Małgorzata Duszak
Remember it's just a skill - it will improve with practice No matter how difficult it seems at the start, you will improve I thought I'm a dum-dum at maths - turned out I was discouraged because it wasmy first bad grade We often get locked in patterns Try to identify Yours And never, ever give up Keep going, even by little You'll get there Learning how to learn is extremely important too, but persistence is paramount in all endeavours
Comment from : Małgorzata Duszak

Drew Alyson
Something that teachers need know
Comment from : Drew Alyson

Just Reviews
Didn't you confuse the Learning with Memorizing?
Comment from : Just Reviews

I knew that this learning styles thing was like - Americans having people off
Comment from : Philippa

Jason Lopez
Learning styles is just an excuse given to students of why they're bad in a subject
Comment from : Jason Lopez

Most students never learned anything from the teacher
Comment from : Mr7141983

Sammy Eisenhower
what is point of discussing science by doing an unscientific study?
Comment from : Sammy Eisenhower

Adele Raya
As a SPED teachers, we learn that it's not bput learning style, it's about learning accessibility Deaf student are visual learners because auditory input is inaccessible Blind students are tactile learners Students with Dyslexia are kinesthetic learners, because visual and auditory language input is partially inaccessible It's about access, not style Necessity, not preference
Comment from : Adele Raya

Ernestine D Lawrence
You are absolutely correct, I am not that good and visual lessons, 😂😂😂😂I play by ear! Peter! Tell Paul to keep the head of the fish own! Oooo Babe?
Comment from : Ernestine D Lawrence

The education field is driven by the 3 Fs: Fads, Fanatics and Fakers (the people who make money selling teacher training courses)
Comment from : Muttonchop

Betty Page
I am a hands on learner If you give me a paper filled with instructions I am not gonna use them they read like stereo instructions
Comment from : Betty Page

Internal MD
What about learning style “Logic”, if you understand it you know it
Comment from : Internal MD

For me, there are two approaches to learning: decomposition by reverse engineering how something works through its behaviour and interaction of its parts, and what happens in their absence, or synthesis by combining parts and see what happens when unified or they communicate through behaviours I teach languages and both approaches help me to explain grammar and vocabulary in context of sentences, without needing to explain the grammar explicitly The deconstruction of one sentence helps to build another
Comment from : system2

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, extracts from Richard Feynman's conversations and talks, opened up for me that I don't learn by knowing the names of things, but rather how things work together I struggle with material that front-load with labelling everything before learning a damn thing about what they actually do and how they interact Sure, it's handy to have shared terms as a way of sharing information, but I don't need it to describe how something works to myself, it's just a distraction,worse, needlessly confusing
Comment from : system2

Allen van Hellen
But were these studies “p-hacked”, too?
Comment from : Allen van Hellen

Stanley Kassim
I have eyes, so I am a visual learner The only people who not visual learners are blind people There are even books for blind people, written in braille So even blind people are 'visual' learners
Comment from : Stanley Kassim

Sarah Loftus
I’ve always felt like I could learn different things in different “learning styles” and that learning information through multiple learning styles was very helpful And as a teacher and even as a student, *controversial opinion here*, it has seemed like some people (definitely not all) have liked the idea of different learning styles because it gives them a simple, easy reason that is no fault of their own as to why they haven’t learned something or didn’t do well on something, saying it wasn’t taught in their learning style, which is what he is saying simply isn’t backed by any research Learning styles are simply preferences, valid ones for sure, but not indicators of whether someone can’t learn in a certain “style” I appreciate this point being made in this video
Comment from : Sarah Loftus

Clare Smith
The data presented in this video is accurate and I appreciate its concise summary That said, there are very valid reasons why this general myth got started and the source can be found within the realm of disabilities While there are universally effective ways for physically and neurologically normative individuals to learn, those formats often do not generalize to those who fall outside of those norms A profoundly dyslexic individual will learn FAR more from auditory learning (eg, a textbook on tape) because the task of reading is arduous and comprehension will suffer from the lack of reading fluency Visual text in this case is basically inaccessible, as it would also be for individuals who cannot see Further, with a reduction or even absence of visual information, brains make new connections that can results in the enhancement of compensatory abilities (there is research to back that up as well) Like most questions about behavior, the answer is that "IT DEPENDS" The reality of accessible learning formats (which has been co-opted as "learning styles") is real for physically and neurologically disabled individuals It is just as misleading and just as big of a contribution to misconceptions not to present the exceptions, the nuances, and the complexity of how behavioral questions need to be approached PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do better! There is already crippling stigma and barriers to grapple with when you require accommodations to make learning accessible This video is sure to make that worse To be able to learn through multiple senses, those senses need to be in tact Not everyone's are
Comment from : Clare Smith

Cheryl Wade
Some of the Brain Game series reallybrdisplayed thought patterns and cognizant bias a very interesting waybrSwitching gears while learning also helps because of what you have already learned and the ability tobrintegrate the new informationbrbrSometimes writing lines does help
Comment from : Cheryl Wade

0:15 That chick is almost twice the hight of the guy next to her lol and the guy next to him is even shorter
Comment from : Bumbaskida

Sarah Cesar
I am a visual learner
Comment from : Sarah Cesar

McFarlane Toys
It dont matter the style with me, as long as i can see it done i learn how to replicate the process So this is bs
Comment from : McFarlane Toys

Luca Mele
I completely disagree with this video, learning style as I was taught isn't a preference I think that's the bigger misunderstanding with this idea I may PREFER to do something physically but could actually learn better if I read something I had to take tests where they gave everyone multiple tests over a school year that tested them on every style and tested by how well they did using different teaching styles We had no previous conception on what style we were We were just taking tests, and knew that it wasn't for a school grade
Comment from : Luca Mele

Mine Death
3:37 omg these are so cute 🥹
Comment from : Mine Death

DA Club
How would you know Do you know my academic history or diagnosis? I think you are assuming no one is
Comment from : DA Club

A Student You Perhaps Know
I think it’s more that people have learning styles that don’t work vs having one Like I could have a book with pictures, and unless I’m reading aloud (or listening to it being) it takes a lot longer for it to be comprehensive Especially if I’m disinterested in the topic brWile others could do perfectly fine with just having the book brNot to mention the multiple learning methods cause their own repetition all in one
Comment from : A Student You Perhaps Know

Lukas Wertelaers
Bro got sponsored by google
Comment from : Lukas Wertelaers

Giorgio Chiappini
Every passion, every career, every goal has stuff uncomfortable to be done along side the nice effort of enjoyng what you are doing because you have interest in it Learning cannot be exclusively comfortable because doing often isn't
Comment from : Giorgio Chiappini

sow 1
Comment from : sow 1

I'm a brain learner
Comment from : burgercide

Eagle eye 29
Me, in one ear and out the other Misses my brain completely I agree that combining visual, auditory and kinesthetic information is important
Comment from : Eagle eye 29

Got no name
Seriously, I never met one person that got a deep understanding by just reading and looking at vosual stuff You can learn for a test with that, ok But you will never gather a really deep understanding of a specific topic by only using input You need to interact with the topic Weather it’s writing to the topic by yourself or applying the stuff directly Best example is programming NOBODY in the world read only books about programming and were able to code like a pro No, you need to practice, getting errors, get an understanding of these errors and so on
Comment from : Got no name

I think this is a great example of how science people can tend to be removed from reality/are deliberately blind to some of the data Attributing the fact that anybody you ask will tell you that they feel more comfortable with one style or another to brainwashing (from the video- they think that because they’ve heard it so much) is a cop out and a refusal to deal with some of the data Therefore, definitively telling somebody “You are not a visual/auditory/kinesthetic/ learner”… is gaslighting them Studies are helpful for giving indicators in the formulation of hypotheses but making them pull this kind of weight is bad and sensationalized science
Comment from : thermopylos

Hazim Esa
I learn better when I actually do the thing while being explained on how to do it
Comment from : Hazim Esa

Richard Lytle
Wow, powerful video
Comment from : Richard Lytle

Ranjan Joshi
Here Visual literacy also matters
Comment from : Ranjan Joshi

Sunny Singh
they may not perform better in test but did it took less effort to learn same ?
Comment from : Sunny Singh

Ariel Galles
I think the best learning happens when there's a synthesis of learning styles I really like taking notes town as the teacher writes and narrates them because i can write down the contents, listen to the content, and hear the content all at once I think the structure of this type of note taking also helps because i like linear structure with points amd sub points rather than web graphic organizers
Comment from : Ariel Galles

Ariel Galles
My learning style is praying to the ADHD gods
Comment from : Ariel Galles

3:00 🤣🤣
Comment from : Joy-boy

Ranjan Joshi
Thanks good topic
Comment from : Ranjan Joshi

کو ثر
Visual and kinesthetic learners are considered dumb at school 🎉
Comment from : کو ثر

ashraf elbioumy
I’m one third visual, another auditory, and the last kinesthetic
Comment from : ashraf elbioumy

Phy 001
your test is not learning sir it just remembering wkwkwk lol
Comment from : Phy 001

Benjamin Arellano
The test you gave them wasn’t them learning It was quick memorizing
Comment from : Benjamin Arellano

Codes and Tags
I think the problem with this experiment, is that we are combining 2 things One thing is to memorize and the other is to learn, and both are different, you can try to memorize something by connecting with any known thing, and probably you cannot learn it, until you really do it several times
Comment from : Codes and Tags

chibon chibon
My learning style is predicting what the test would be
Comment from : chibon chibon

Jesse House
E this video Ive always felt this growing up that it was the methods I employed that mattered and that different truths ought to be known in different languages, their own language unique to each truth, learn music musically etc
Comment from : Jesse House

JI Ardron
It's worth pointing out the test on the street only really tests the ability to store information in short term memory Supporting people to develop into Long-term can also be supported by having to teach people that content as well, as you have to put time to make it interesting for people and make the complicated simple, which takes effort
Comment from : JI Ardron

Learning Depend on StudentsbrHow Interested they r in StudyingbrbrAnimation can only help Students under stand Concept of Science & TechnologybrThan also wit out Audiobrbr* I Hate Smart Class

Kumwesu 3D
since when did Google Search start sponsoring videos 😳
Comment from : Kumwesu 3D

Erica E Li
I dare anyone to learn to play by ear Jeux D’eau by Ravel
Comment from : Erica E Li

My personal thoughts about this learning topic is that of course there are effective learning methods out there, but i think some topics fit more into a learning style than othersbrExemple:brbrIf you are learning any system of the human body in Sciences, a Kinesthetic learning style should be betterbrbrBut if you are learning something like equations or nuclear fusion a visual or auditory learning style would be more effective
Comment from : ViolescoBR

Fred Keebler
You based your "myth busting" on research studies Yet in your video "Is Most Published Research Wrong?" you based your information on the fact that many research studies are incorrect Which is it?
Comment from : Fred Keebler

Hot focaccia
Onestly, i am like 60 sure i am an auditory learner but i learn stuff best visually because people tend to miss out a bunch of the connections while explaingbr(However the counter point is that visually some people just point at at and effectively say "do that" and nothing more)
Comment from : Hot focaccia

Dragon 211
My learning style is whatever I find interesting
Comment from : Dragon 211

robin robin
Visual learner U say does that visualising works in math?
Comment from : robin robin

Lowell Crook
The best way to learn is under intense, life-threatening pressure! -Peter B Parker, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse It's my belief (but I can't prove this in any measurable way) that people learn best right on the edge of their abilities, when things are just a little too hard for them and at this point, you'll be able to separate those who want to learn and improve from those who don't
Comment from : Lowell Crook

Retarded Escanore
I think it is not how you learn it, it's about do you like and enjoy topic you are learning If you like it more you are gonna learn more Of coure if you learn it and you dont like it you will probably have trouble understanding it and it will take you more time Thats just how I see learning for myself
Comment from : Retarded Escanore

Gergő Barta
I ain't no visual learner I'm an audio learner I put RCA cables in my ear and if I really want to learn something oh hell I even go with that auxiliary
Comment from : Gergő Barta

Mike OKeefe
Memorization is not necessarily linked to learning So the memory card mumbo jumbo is not a valid check of learning style It is very anecdotal One variable crucial to learning is time These styles are indeed a real thing A test of the hypothesis of the existence of learning styles is no better than the methodology applied
Comment from : Mike OKeefe

Vapo Rizel
TLDR its depends on subjectbr- in programming, you have to learn by visual (flowchart, sequence diagram) + read (language as C++,PHP,Java etc) + doing (write the code)br- in sport, you have to learn by doingbr- in music, you have to learn by listening + doingbr- in history, you have to learn by visual + reading (sometimes listening)brbrthe absurd one in the school is all of subject techead by reading, the students end up as dumb graduate certain nation want their people educated as laborer instead as professor/engineer
Comment from : Vapo Rizel

Midori Sakurai
Most topics are IMPOSSIBLE to understand without visualisation! This man (the author) is an arrogant egoist who just wants free hype Giving his advanced age (he's well over 40) it is highly unlikely that he would ever have to take any further education himself, so he doesn't care if he spoils the education for others just to get more views and likes from lazy teachers
Comment from : Midori Sakurai

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