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How Much Money to RETIRE AT 50??

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Title :  How Much Money to RETIRE AT 50??
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Everything Money
WARNING: Since we are growing, there are increased levels of scammers impersonating our channel and that create fake accounts The only thing we offer is our software and our patreon/discord community The only place we send people to get access is: ​patreoncom/everythingmoneybrbrThe real links to our content are located in the description of the video We never give out WhatsApp numbers and we are never involved in cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL to not call WhatsApp or click fake links This is happening across the YouTube platform on many channels
Comment from : Everything Money

Guillaume Parola
Why not speak about real estate investment? The rent could be considered a great way to sustain ones retirement
Comment from : Guillaume Parola

Mac D
Bro, Seth is loaded!
Comment from : Mac D

Sergio Lovag
Great work guys! I do think saving 20-30 of your income applies to every country I'm a Brand Manager from one of the Top 10 Pharma's of the world and my income its way below the 75,000 USD per year it's even below the 50,000 USD However I've made the numbers using those percentages and it adds up So regardlesss of your income, base your numbers with those percentages and don't feel sad like me watching average US income hahaha Anyways, great content guys & great software tool, greetings!
Comment from : Sergio Lovag

Billy Johnson
You lost me on day trading
Comment from : Billy Johnson

Comment from : Nintindo

Simp Simps
Half a million at 40 is pretty good
Comment from : Simp Simps

Anette C
How rich are these guys???
Comment from : Anette C

UniqueGod 787
Had a family emergency so i been Binge watching the pass two days to catch up 😅🤣😂
Comment from : UniqueGod 787

Why dont you make a video on how your investing approach should be if youre at tbe age of 50
Comment from : Micky

Sierra M
I only make 40k a year but will be a millionaire by 55 Which will be 30 years from now
Comment from : Sierra M

Alternative Investments
Great videoits so simple just save into an ETF and try to increase a little bit every year Auto pilot
Comment from : Alternative Investments

Maxim Muermans
@Everything Money I was wondering, you guys always tell us to invest in something which has a lower price than its value, but also to periodically invest in ETF's Isn't this kind of the opposite, since you buy an ETF without looking at it's real 'value' + when a lot of people buy ETF's, the values of these indexes are blowing up?
Comment from : Maxim Muermans

Adam R
Im 26 now, I saved a lot during my early 20s, the only bad part was that I didn’t invest any of that money because I was in school and that was my priority brI started investing at 24 I’m investing in small lumps but I just wish I’d started as I was saving the money
Comment from : Adam R

Angelo Pidatella
Some of these number are not very realisticwife and i COMBINED pull in 80k a year but with 3 young kids there's no way i can put almost 20k a year just to savingsnot everyone needs to retire with millionsi bet most of us would be happy with enough to pay all the bills and have some spending cash
Comment from : Angelo Pidatella

How about taking into consideration people like me, that work a basic factory job and make 20$/hour, living pay check to pay check? We are the "normal people" that Seth isn't How are we supposed to retire? Millions of us are already 30 or older $12,000 a year seems impossible to save up with mortgage and car payments, not including other expenses such as children, utility bills, etc What are we to do?
Comment from : GVaughn5

Andrew Rivera
I wish the calculator could be set for 15 of salary and factor in 3 salary raises per year
Comment from : Andrew Rivera

Make it printable if possible!
Comment from : Warmachine1080

Daily Meditation
Diversify and invest in cash flowing real estate A multi family home in Hawaii will bring in $6-10k per month once it's paid off Imagine cashing that check every month and how it will allow you to live
Comment from : Daily Meditation

Jim Falbo
Looking forward to the video when little Geo turns 59 and his dividends from WBA and BTI are funding the interest on our national debt
Comment from : Jim Falbo

Chris P
hi, i've wanted to join patreon for awhile - just wondering if the software is downloadable for macbook users?
Comment from : Chris P

MACD 413
How many children each does the EM crew have? Major factor
Comment from : MACD 413

I agree that a financial planner is not required during the accumulation phase Simply follow the advise using index funds and be disciplined I had a single fund for many years(Fidelity 4in1) I’m now 60 and I’m seeking a fee only financial planner for tax planning and some advise on asset allocation I think it wise to seek out professionals and at least listen to their strategy My point is that I feel that the retirement phase is more complex than the accumulation phase During the latter, you have time on your side
Comment from : carodus1

Bill the Butcher
Sadly not higher echelon for me I'm 40 this year and making 40k a year I'm in this cycle where I want to quit my job and further my education for 2 years which would give me a 50 increase in income, but I can't quit because I have bills, rent and a family (no debt aside from 8k on a car) Honestly don't know how to get ahead aside from maxing my Roth IRA every year and my employer retirement match, which I am barely able to pull off You all have helped me greatly, and I appreciate all you do, as I have a totally different mindset now thanks to you
Comment from : Bill the Butcher

Sean Guedes
The only problem with this calculator, which I have not heard addressed It only factors in your investments / net worth What about any annuities? Pension? Government support? etc
Comment from : Sean Guedes

Ladislau Heja
I read that life expectancy in the US is going down
Comment from : Ladislau Heja

David Tait
The devil makes work for idle hands
Comment from : David Tait

Eric Ki
Should do the 8 pillars for the S&P 500
Comment from : Eric Ki

"need to save $20k per year" brbrgain about 21k€ net per year ok fuck me, let's eat pasta and live on the street for the next 30 years
Comment from : Elchart

Dads With Purpose
Great video Really shows you the power of starting early But more importantly to stay consistent when saving
Comment from : Dads With Purpose

Can u please do a DD On corsair? PE 18 - yoy revenue growth - huge for the future?
Comment from : PuzzleData

Rhoel G
by the way guys when you said "beat the market" were guys referring to S&P500? coz in reality the real market does not composed of mere 500 companies
Comment from : Rhoel G

Mr Brick Trades
When I first calculated mine I needed to save $18 more per year or I’ll be $1 million in debt at 100, crazy how powerful compounding is
Comment from : Mr Brick Trades

Batuhan Gündüz
thats my fav channel on youtube Keep up the good work friends! greetings from Germany
Comment from : Batuhan Gündüz

Brandon Goodman
Another great video Thanks guys
Comment from : Brandon Goodman

I'm 55, this video is not for me LOL
Comment from : KasperTube

toby fitchett
check out the invester channel this guy appears to know what he is talking about
Comment from : toby fitchett

Gary Lau
The calculator on the site crashes for me after I enter in all the details and hit Generate ?
Comment from : Gary Lau

$29k a year for a teacher? The US really hates investing in it's people unless it's to be cannon fodder
Comment from : Fla

Can you add a function that increase your income as time goes on
Comment from : Hawkeye

What is normal about not having a job until your 30?🤔
Comment from : jdl

Started my daughter’s account when she was 18 months Because I had absolutely nothing an no guidance
Comment from : Unders

A pitch video
Comment from : Raoul

I'm 23 and besides indexing, I am also picking stocks based on the methodology of this channel and Sven Carlin's While I have no doubt that value investing is the best method out there (at least for me), I do wonder about the success rate of retail value investors We all know most retail investors don't beat the index Is that just from failure to follow a solid methodology, or is investing actually harder than this channel makes it out to be brbrListening to Paul and Sven Carlin makes me confident that there is a logical way to approach all this But how come so many fail?
Comment from : Ziksy

Vitalie Surugiu
What if at your retirement age market crashes -50-80? :)
Comment from : Vitalie Surugiu

Jared Correa Fitness
Idle hands are the devil’s playground is what you were looking to say Great video as always! Thanks for all your work fellas
Comment from : Jared Correa Fitness

Kyle NG
Great video, but the market is overvalued now and it seems like a major clash or correction is coming Maybe we should wait ?
Comment from : Kyle NG

Nassim Abed
Did you guys do a video on bid and ask and chart reading? Mo's department remains a bit less understood as far as I'm concerned I understand Paul but I need to go back and learn from scratch to follow what Mo explains
Comment from : Nassim Abed

Eric Barnes
Idle hands are the Devil’s playground I think I’m going to eventually pull the trigger on Bid N’ Ask I appreciate what you guys do
Comment from : Eric Barnes

Yuva V
23k for a school teacher? My god, why on earth are teachers being paid so little in the US? In Singapore, if you study to become a teacher, you get paid S$30k++ And it increases once your finish studying and start working in a school Seriously, teachers ought to be paid more to educate the next generation
Comment from : Yuva V

Eric Barnes
I am a schoolteacher I know I’m smart enough to do other professions but wanted to teach and coach there are days I regret it because I could make a lot more money I’ve got my masters so maybe I can be a principal soon
Comment from : Eric Barnes

Mia A
At 16, I came to Canada as a refuge back in 2002 I was an ESL student but I managed to graduate high school and Busted my behind, and I got a nursing degree in 2010 brbrIn 2015, I moved to a rural area to make more money, cuz I had $40k student loans and my credit score was 300sbrIn 2016, I started an MPH program In 2017, I took an environmental course that introduced me to Tesla brbr In 2018, I started investing half of my paycheck in Tesla stocks and FacebookbrbrToday I have $300k in the stock market and I own a home in BCbrbrLive a minimalist lifestyle, have a plan and start investing early brbrYoutube made me rich 🤑
Comment from : Mia A

Nato Resma
I just discovered this channel few days ago, and you guys are impressive
Comment from : Nato Resma

Couple of holes in your calculation first off nobody gets a 5 raise every each and every year secondly a 10 return is optimistic, for instance the market has only returned 65 since 2000 in addition valuations are historic highs now so expect even less going forward
Comment from : sbkpilot11

Baca Baca
Can you guys talk a little bit more in what kind of account you open for your children to save for them?
Comment from : Baca Baca

Jesse Lockerbie
Where can we use this calculator?
Comment from : Jesse Lockerbie

Camille Boomer
This retirement calculator helped me go from feeling discouraged about ever be able to retire to feeling in control of my life because I have a plan that is possible to achieve 👌brbr- DjangoJane
Comment from : Camille Boomer

More than you think Survival vs survival with enjoyment
Comment from : Guy

put it something that you will not touch it! sounds like gold
Comment from : Anonymous

Do not need that much money If using dividends to live off of
Comment from : ConstructoJay

Roth for kids? Only earned money can go in Roth…I can’t just give them money to put in a Roth, right?
Comment from : wrmcphee

Robert Guirguis DO
Savings accounts are only good for emergency Great video as always guys Would love to see a video on Target They had a great quarter and are buying back shares Keep up the great work Hope you keep growing!
Comment from : Robert Guirguis DO

Chris Forbes
Well, I’m screwed
Comment from : Chris Forbes

Deanna B
Would love to see Paul do a reaction video to some FIRE movement YouTubers Great stuff boys, really enjoying your videos
Comment from : Deanna B

W6RIP Radio Adventures
Beautiful !!!
Comment from : W6RIP Radio Adventures

Laura Uribe
Hi guys, I appreciate you!
Comment from : Laura Uribe

Tina Liang
I believe in you Paul My struggle is if I should invest in Etf monthly or try to save cash and buy the dip Logically, I know I should invest monthly But with stock market all time high, I am worried I would invest too much etf while there might be a crash/correction coming
Comment from : Tina Liang

matthew vanderveer
I’m 21investing 6 k per year All into options none into index funds 🤪
Comment from : matthew vanderveer

Damen Bell
Literally a 21-year-old (me) watching this 😂
Comment from : Damen Bell

Dom G
I’ve said it every time you bring up the retirement calculator, it is hands down my favorite part of the software It has really helped my wife and me plan our futures financially
Comment from : Dom G

joel diaz
What jobs are paying 75k—- point them out
Comment from : joel diaz

You should also show what the end balance is equivalent to in today money So if I have $1 million in 10 years it should show the real value compared to today is $600,000 for example
Comment from : yourgflikesit

joel diaz
I plan to move to a 3rd world country to retire
Comment from : joel diaz

Did he just say Bitcoin ? 4:42 and the saying is "Idle mind is devil's workshop"
Comment from : Morbidzero

Chris S
You’re also not counting social security It may be less, but there SHOULD be something
Comment from : Chris S

I don’t think the average salary is $75,000 even
Comment from : HPoyo

I love this groups relationship
Comment from : HPoyo

I like case studies when it comes to personal finance, buuuuuut not sure how many 30 year olds are making 75k a year 🤔
Comment from : PotatoesAndGravy

Important point "Dont give in to temptation of touching that money that one is indexing" Knowing little (quality) and not doing much will work wonders in stock market
Comment from : MP

I’m glad I’ve started to invest at 21 and will continue to do so throughout my life
Comment from : HPoyo

This channel is mooning 🚀
Comment from : HPoyo

xNo L1m1tZx
3:00 is he saying saving 52k a year on a PRE-tax income of 75,000? Good luck
Comment from : xNo L1m1tZx

Chris Fort
Serious question I want to learn how to trade Can I learn with Bid N Ask nation or should I read some books and talk to some experts first before diving in?
Comment from : Chris Fort

"im a normal guy" Says the guy with a PHD in chemistry lol Hes way smarter than he lets on
Comment from : AMW Mw

Could you analyse REGI?
Comment from : VagyonVadászat

Jim Hendrickson
Idle hands are the devil's workshop I think it's Franklin
Comment from : Jim Hendrickson

Jim Hendrickson
Sourcing the savings is tough when your young One thing you can do: when you pay off your student loan, use that cash to find your portfolio
Comment from : Jim Hendrickson

Neil Mchugh
Great video topic Stock analysis videos are great but I think these videos have a longer shelf life and are more informative overall Thanks!!
Comment from : Neil Mchugh

wow, most under rated show in youtube
Comment from : Kash

You guys should review LL stock again
Comment from : phantomcreamer

dustin renz
how do you guys feel about 529 plans for your kids schooling? Or should I just Throw money into etfs for them? Grows tax free as long as it’s for schooling
Comment from : dustin renz

Great video and great advice!! What you guy's think of zip trader and his channel for those short trades? Thank you for the video
Comment from : Mathias

D Evans
I've been a Patreon member for a little over a month now I can say that the engagement the Everything Money team has with this community helps me keep laser focused on my goals It's good to be reminded to not buy into hype stocks, pick a process, and the software the makes doing analysis of stocks much easier I'm basically just like Seth, but a few years younger When I was younger, I knew I needed to invest, but didn't really understand what I was doing The Everything Money group has helped me get a better long term vision and goal I'll also say, Mo was 100 right that there is no other retirement calculator that tell you how short you are from your retirement savings goals Thanks guys!
Comment from : D Evans

Miguel Angel Ruíz Cruz
The day I retire this channel will be in the greeting speech hahah
Comment from : Miguel Angel Ruíz Cruz

Stas Talks Stocks
Lets go!
Comment from : Stas Talks Stocks

Henry M [Not that one]
5:56 blaughs in 47k a year/b But thanks for immediately making me feel better about it
Comment from : Henry M [Not that one]

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