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Title :  Best Tube Guitar Amps For Home Use
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Comments Best Tube Guitar Amps For Home Use

matthew kranz
I use my 58' princeton tweed around the house
Comment from : matthew kranz

I want a dumb simple amp that does one thing really well: clean tones A volume, tone, bass/mid/treble knobs (which will all be left at 12) and an input jack If i want an effect it should be an excuse to buy another pedal Theres something perfect out there for me, what is it?
Comment from : Samus

Gioi Geniale
1 voxac412, Supro10, 5 watts, Laney, 15 watts, fender Harward II, 20 watts, Supro Delta King, 15 Wattsthats,it
Comment from : Gioi Geniale

Great video zach lavine!
Comment from : Tobi

Neon Thunderbird
Fender Princeton: the perfect recording amp Small, huge sound, clarity, volume on 2 is fine for home use and practice It's the perfect home amp
Comment from : Neon Thunderbird

James Headle
I've gotten in digital amps lately the Marshall code series is good now I got a 100 watt champion so my neighbors hate me but oh well I even gig with it now
Comment from : James Headle

jose maria trueba
Superchamp XD was my choice I've got two units, got another one second hand, because I didn't like the newer x2 as much I loved XD
Comment from : jose maria trueba

Scott Gardner
You can play any amp at home
Comment from : Scott Gardner

Stringed AZ
I have a 57 tremolux, 49 princeton, 65 bassman, tone king falcon grande, 64 princeton reverb, and 63 tremolux I play my quilter and roland jc40 more than any of them right now Different animals---so you gotta get both!
Comment from : Stringed AZ

Brian Cassidy
In 1980 I bought a 50 white RD 50 music man amp Loved it played it everywhere it had a single 12 inch speaker in it music man speaker I did kind of messed the speaker up and traded in for a music man 100 W 210 reverb distortion What do you think of the old music man amps? I still have the hundred watt amp today though I’ve gone more digital because it’s easier to dial stuff in Sometimes I have a helix and some line 6 A but I’m considering looping in my music man into my helix, and using it I just would like to know your opinion of the music Man & if you’ve ever played one
Comment from : Brian Cassidy

NightOwl Games
i got a Boss Katana 100w Mk2 212 for my bedroom to practice, i hear its good enough for a stage, its slightly op for a bedroom
Comment from : NightOwl Games

Stuart Mortensen
I bought a Peavy Royal 8 Sounded great in the store, sounded like crap in my living room Changed the ceramic magnet to a Jensen Alnico speaker Problem solved
Comment from : Stuart Mortensen

Trevor Sachko
My home setup is 2 Road king quads driven by a Simul 2:90 driven by a Mk2C+ sitting on a closed back duo, of course with all associated effects
Comment from : Trevor Sachko

There is a single part about music that I absolutely hate And that is that the cheap entry cab costs fucking 700-800€
Comment from : TigerFisch15

Julian S
I’m using a Laney iron heart it’s got a tube preamp a usb re-amp output and you can go from 1w to 300 w 4-8-16 ohm speak output and you can also go straight to a mixer
Comment from : Julian S

randy johnson
How come my 10w Davison amp didnt make the cut? 😂
Comment from : randy johnson

Tim Hallig
How do you use your delay without an effects loop on the Morgan AC-20?
Comment from : Tim Hallig

Aquatic Highs
How about apartment use? Recently had to get rid of my ac10…
Comment from : Aquatic Highs

Matthew McKinney
I had a mesa express 5:50 one of the best amps ive owned till it got stolen, currently using a crate v16 both perfect for home play and being mic'ed
Comment from : Matthew McKinney

Mario D
I bought the blues junior and thought it sounded like crap the construction was terrible I shouldn't have to spend 1000 bucks to upgrade Brought it back and just got a Supro Keeley Custom 10 recentlyt's perfect
Comment from : Mario D

I love my Stageright/monoprice tube 15 For an amp listing around $250, it punches way over it price
Comment from : Fender457

Lil Hustler
I live in the country where my 5150 stays on 11!
Comment from : Lil Hustler

Timothy Bladon
My current
Comment from : Timothy Bladon

Timothy Bladon
A while back I met Marvin King (Marcus King's father) at a club in Greenwood SC He played a Gibson SG through a Tweed Blues Jr and it flat kicked ass, especially when he played Highway 61 Revisited
Comment from : Timothy Bladon

Андрей Кладов
Blackstar Dual HT Drive -> Emulated output to my audio interface -> speakers
Comment from : Андрей Кладов

Home Use? Mesa Triple Recto is perfect
Comment from : DarkGardener

16:06 Good playing Money
Comment from : わさねこ

Ah yes He said home use he didn’t say budget My bad
Comment from : accentontheoff

Gkar One
For home my micro terror through a 2×12 is more than enough and simple
Comment from : Gkar One

Paulo Rossi
I purchased a Fryette Power Station Which I use as attenuator……for my 20 Watt Head SV Marshall mini Plexi Because that amp has no Master Volume……brAnd it’s ok with an attenuator I also use a Blackstar HT 20 Head
Comment from : Paulo Rossi

My bedroom amp is a 1976 hiwatt custom 100 Suffice to say the entire neighbourhood can enjoy me jam sessions I wish i was joking
Comment from : madcapx

Ozzy John
You got my attention when you said "' Todays episode of BEER talk" oh sorry, gear talk, great video though,
Comment from : Ozzy John

James Herron
I use my marshall stack at home 🏠 My nabors don't care about noise
Comment from : James Herron

Riccardo Regio
Try the Laney LC 15 or AC 15 They sound great at bedroom levels
Comment from : Riccardo Regio

Fender PS400, 600 watts
Comment from : Benedict

Kelvin Stephens
Fender 65 bass amp
Comment from : Kelvin Stephens

Cristina Payne
Carvin Bel Air with twin 12 speakers has been my gig amp Have some small Marshall's and I write plugged in to my Fender g dec
Comment from : Cristina Payne

Thomas Szotak
I realize this is a two year old video at this point in time but it was still relevant and interesting to watch here, I currently own three amps and I use my Revv G20 by far the most Fantastic versatile amp head, if you haven’t checked one out , do it 👍 On a side note it also won’t break the bank either
Comment from : Thomas Szotak

James Healey
I used to play a 100w 1969 Marshall Super Bass into two 4x12's loaded with 25w Greenbacks, and I played it at home back in the day and just crank the thing, how I never got the police calling round I'll never know brbrThese days I use a Budda Super Drive 30 II for live and a Peavey JSX Mini Colossal at home which is a 5W amp with a power soak, works a treat!
Comment from : James Healey

Andrew K
thanks! awesome video!
Comment from : Andrew K

Nick Sarumian
It’s everything but a blues jr
Comment from : Nick Sarumian

Steven Phillips
Love my little Fender Super Champ XD
Comment from : Steven Phillips

Cathartic Guitar
Can you use a Boss Katana MK-II 50 as a cabinet with the Revv or the Victory Sheriff?
Comment from : Cathartic Guitar

Cathartic Guitar
Great video Thanks You sold me on the Blues Jr until you pointed out how much you love yours only after you changed out every component I'll stay with my Boss Katana MK-II 50 for now
Comment from : Cathartic Guitar

Peter D Morrison
I tamed my Fender (ish) Chinese amp chassis (new old stock) with a switchable H-Bridge on the output Speaker + three 8 ohm power resistors Drops the power to 75 watts for practice, without changing the sound I also adjusted the bias voltage, modded the preamp and tone circuits, upgraded and rerouted the wiring, heavy gauge with twisted pair heater cable Fitted JJ tubes and Fender Eminence 12in 8 Ohm speaker Sounds great
Comment from : Peter D Morrison

Yarb The Great
Vibro Champ 5 W, sounds great
Comment from : Yarb The Great

Christopher ball
Could you do a review on a 1990's Crate Vintage Club 50 tube amp It's the poor man's Special with the right tubes they are a very awesome stage amp
Comment from : Christopher ball

The Revv looks really interesting…but 4 watts is still going to be awfully loud in a bedroom Wonder why they did not add a 1 or 5 option…I had a Blues Jr and it is way too loud for home use in my opinion Maybe they’ll do a Tonemaster version with serious attenuation
Comment from : WScottT

Jason Scott
Great video informative '68 reissue Fender deluxe reverb 22W is the amp for me, outside of my '87 JMP50 Marshall You are right about the tube anp fixation I have it too
Comment from : Jason Scott

My ac30 was my go to amp but man I sure do love the warm blues
Comment from : Franks

Stuart Murray
I have a beatiful little Traynor YCV20WR An amazing class A, 15 watt 2 channel bad ass I replaced the preamp tubes because it came with terrible Sovteks and it sings like a angel! Highly recommend!
Comment from : Stuart Murray

Alex Denton
Orange rocker 32
Comment from : Alex Denton

Marco P
The Raconteurs!
Comment from : Marco P

Can a Blues Junior be heard over a drum kit in a rock band? I'm thinking of getting the Hot Rod Deluxe for home use and rehearsals/pub gigs but maybe the Blues Junior would do the job
Comment from : JKEATING

Charles Rawlinson
Love my Dr Z MAZ 18 Reverb MK II combo Celestion Blue speaker Awesome
Comment from : Charles Rawlinson

Scott Dalrymple
Believe it or not, my favorite tube home amp is my Bugera Vintage 5 If you ever have a chance I would love to see you review one of them These little amps are very underrated
Comment from : Scott Dalrymple

Da Mighty Shabba
I can agree on the power / size thing I lived on a council estate and made the mistake of buying a Peavy EVH5150 stack even at at volume 1 that was 200 watts And the amp didn't get hungry until you hit 7 I had a cease and desist order in under 3 weeks My next purchase was a very expensive set of headphones Now I am old and wiser Small, quieter, better quality amps are far better Yes, have the monster amps in a garage somewhere for "that" gig (that never comes) but for day to day? A quality small amp Yamaha have a good range - a decent base tone you can add effects to as you wish Fender is good for most uses "out-of-the-box" But they have limits Personally I have never liked Marshall - they have a great marketing team but if you compare them next to rivals pretty crap Laney are good A solid sound, pure
Comment from : Da Mighty Shabba

Gary Blankenship
I have nothing but the utmost of respect for your music and gear knowledge, but you got this one wrong, Rhett If, cost isn’t a factor, and at almost $2,000 for the Revv and Morgan, it can’t be, it baffles me that you did not recommend the Fender Princeton at $1399, the same height as the largest amp you suggested, with slightly less depth, and only 185 inches wider and 3 lbs heavier The most recorded amp in history with only 12 watts and a 10” speaker SMH 😂
Comment from : Gary Blankenship

roy ghosn
Bruh that fist amp is 1000$ lol
Comment from : roy ghosn

Andy Podowski
And they're all extremely affordable!
Comment from : Andy Podowski

George Szweden
or make your house rattle with a 100 watt bass amp
Comment from : George Szweden

the comment about an amp head being more versatile, and the having the cabinet(s) in the other room while you played made me realize the limits of bedroom playing (i dont live alone) and that the micro terror is probably not a terrible idea
Comment from : Explivious

Arty Toney
What do you think of ENGL Amps
Comment from : Arty Toney

Hey Rhett good evening You probably won’t see this because it’s an old video but what is that song you play starting at 10:22? Something you wrote? I’ve been trying to pick it apart and would love to know Thank you much my friend, you rock brother!
Comment from : SDcro

Graham Cruickshank
I have a 96 Blues Jr Love it Such a simple setup Great tones I have fallen in love with P-90 pickups and my setup works fantastic with them I have built multiple guitars with a variety of P-90 pickups So much fun
Comment from : Graham Cruickshank

Pandor ski
Can anyone (or even Rhett) tell me what modulation delay pedal effect is used at 13:04 during the Morgan test ? it sounds so good
Comment from : Pandor ski

King Fisher
Its your friends Rhett Your friends have told you tube amps are better Most are but your seriously jaded and its apparent
Comment from : King Fisher

Darn, I think I may have fallen short on power with my Fender Champion 100
Comment from : metrocaptain

Boss Katana
Comment from : tredogzs

You might have just sold me the Blues Junior Lets hope it is better than a Mazda Miata
Comment from : coolhand850

Nispa Pre
Best budget home amps please?
Comment from : Nispa Pre

Bernhard Riedler
As I love a ‚Brad Paisley’ Tone I am thinking about getting a Drz plus LT amp Do you think, going from the specs, with the half power switch and Master volume, that this will also fill kind of the purpose of a home amp- still retaining tone? If not I can still add a captor x, right?
Comment from : Bernhard Riedler

Gerald Trumm
Rhett, I’m considering a Blues Jr soon Torn between the Jensen speaker and the Red White and Blues speaker Would you recommend one over the other?
Comment from : Gerald Trumm

Edu Martins
And how about the Fender Princeton 68 Reverb Reissue? What do you think about it for home use?
Comment from : Edu Martins

Hard Pan Media
Been checking out your channel this week and glad I found it I'm starting the search for my Les Paul Any interest in meeting up in the area and checking some out? I'm over in Woodstock and there's not much here Atlanta Vintage didn't have "the one" Maple Street had one but was a Murphy Lab It was amazing to play, but out of my range Thinking a good R8 or R9 is in the wheel house I need to check the spot in Alpharetta, apparently : ) Thanks for these videos, they're very helpful and entertaining Cheers!
Comment from : Hard Pan Media

Frank Schamarek
Great video interessting amps Thanks for that Rhett The Black Spirit 200 made by Hughes&Kettner could be on that list No tube-amp but a very versatile, good sounding and powerfull amp You can choose 2W, 20W, 200W and use every cabinett of your choice (never used the 200W on anything) Try the H&K if you like Btw they make great tube-amps too
Comment from : Frank Schamarek

Andor Kiss
I recently just bought a used ORANGE Rocker 15 Combo & I couldn't be happier! Bought a few pedals - all Cailtlinbread (Sabba Cadabra (overdrive); Talisman (plate reverb); Echorec (Bison drum head echo); Coriolis Effect (sustainer, wah, filter, pitch shifter, and harmonizer rolled into one))
Comment from : Andor Kiss

LoFi Dog Pet Therapy MUSIC: Live LoFi w/ PET ASMR
Mesa Boogie Studio 22+
Comment from : LoFi Dog Pet Therapy MUSIC: Live LoFi w/ PET ASMR

Kim Lombardy
After all that Rhett it's no longer a blues jr
Comment from : Kim Lombardy

Tony Tony
My best solution for low vloume tube sound at home is: Small UL (ultra linear) 15W max tube head and a preamp of your choice
Comment from : Tony Tony

Trent Hogan
Blues Junior and the Revv are both amazing
Comment from : Trent Hogan

great video small tube amps are the future you forgot my marshall 1974x! made for the studio without cutting corners it's an 18w 1x12 combo made originally 1966-1968 but re issued since the 2000's it competes with the ac15 and deluxe reverb as the best small amp ever made it sounds like something between a jtm and a vox ,it also has a matching extension cab for gigs blues jr's are way too bright for most people and to my opinion modding them is a waste of time and money, why not start with a better amp? the blues jr used to be the only amp i couldn't fix with tubes but after trying a vintage mullard at v1 and pressing the fat switch it's fixable(with the best vintage tube ever made )
Comment from : yaniv

Rick Milam
Please don't forget the choice of speaker in this equation A speaker with 100 db sensitivity will require half the power of one at 97db to be the same volume I'm using a GWS alnico that is 96db sensitivity I'm using it with a Princeton head (heavily modded with Mercury transformers and 6L6's, tone stack, etc) that puts out about 20W Into a Celestion Alnico Blue that's very loud Using the 96db speaker the 20W is the same loudness as the Alnico Blue with 5W Plus I love the sound of this driver You can work it both ways Plus there are some ingenious drivers out there which let you adjust how much of the voice c coil is in the magnetic gap of the driver, also lowering sensitivity
Comment from : Rick Milam

thomas pyle
I live in an apartment and I have a little YAMAHA THR10 and if I push it is loud And it could be small enough but still have a good sound quality
Comment from : thomas pyle

Ben Kapek
Seriously that’s hilarious, the blues Junior is awesome, after you change everything
Comment from : Ben Kapek

And all out of my price range No wonder my kid prefers to practice at school
Comment from : Lifeafter40

John Conroy
I agree BUT try a Peavy Bandit 65 do a gig with one, throw yourself in the water and i believe you will become a fan Direct in, make it happen make it work
Comment from : John Conroy

Eugene Ivanov
Blues Junior is COMPLETELY not appropriate at home!! It's ridiculously loud and impossible to tame
Comment from : Eugene Ivanov

Julien Debourcq
Great amps! brBut there is today great great amps home/stage like PRS sonzera 20 , Mesa boogie Marck20, all the new small Mesa are absolutely beast!, small and powerful!
Comment from : Julien Debourcq

Kevin Gates
I use an AC15 and the Marshall Dsl 20 with the illuminated out with headphones
Comment from : Kevin Gates

Lohn Davis
What is your input on the Boss Katana MKll 100 ??
Comment from : Lohn Davis

Russian goose
You should check out the Satellite Scamp
Comment from : Russian goose

Patrick Escobar
I have a Fender champ 12 red knob that I love A little tube amp from the mid-1980s It does not have two separate volume controls but I can use my guitar’s volume knob to get where I need to be in terms of breakup and loudness The built-in gain isn’t all that great but it does work well with pedals When this thing’s in the zone it sounds fantastic Also much louder than you might imagine brbrI also have a little Vox Valvetronics VT 20X which is fun to mess around with
Comment from : Patrick Escobar

I have the Tone King Gremlin It is a 5 watt 1x12 combo with a built-in attenuator One can get tweed style power amp distortion at low volumes Great amp
Comment from : okiebob64

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