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Fake silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2011

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Information Fake silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2011

Title :  Fake silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2011
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Frames Fake silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2011

Description Fake silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2011

Comments Fake silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2011

I just spotted that this video of mine had nearly 62,000 views so i thought i would take a look to see whybrI've learnt such a lot about making youtube videos since making this one & would never make another 30 minute video & always edit them now to try & keep them as close to the 5 minutes as possible
Comment from : CyberCurtainTwitcher

Canadian Silver Seeker
Interesting video ty for sharing Happy Stackin eh!
Comment from : Canadian Silver Seeker

 OM un seul olympique
Best investissement
Comment from : OM un seul olympique

Troyrah Nedir
Was this the infamous lost Derek and Clive numismatics sketch?
Comment from : Troyrah Nedir

Joe Roberts
I just wondering what's the cost in fabrication of the fake?
Comment from : Joe Roberts

PhilMySpice LLC
Almost a full 8 years later Maybe update this video to current day just for shitz and gigglesbr Its entertaining
Comment from : PhilMySpice LLC

Jairo Sambula
Ring test on Maple leaves
Comment from : Jairo Sambula

luis bito
the first laminate is sirve is inside is has something os this crazy
Comment from : luis bito

Savage Stacker
Wow! This is an old video cct im glad it’s still up it came in handy
Comment from : Savage Stacker

I loved what IGOR said about your hands 🤣🤣🤣 I hope you won't say the true about them🤣
Comment from : VOGAS

Woodworking and Epoxy
It's crazy but the fake looks better than the real one lol
Comment from : Woodworking and Epoxy

M- Nice
I feel really bad for anyone who has this in their collection and does not know that it is fake At first glance because of the veins in the maple it's easy for me to tell I hope it is for others
Comment from : M- Nice

Thomas Jensen
It's called a reverse proof
Comment from : Thomas Jensen

Robs Hobbys
You boys are to funny! You've got me cracking up from all the way across the pond :)
Comment from : Robs Hobbys

David Boyd
Love Pandas☺
Comment from : David Boyd

Terry Blais
way too long
Comment from : Terry Blais

William Iannucci
Why do you English always joke around ?????Are you ever serious fellows ???
Comment from : William Iannucci

David Smith
From the brilliant chrome appearance, hardness, and resistance to acid this coin seems to be Rhodium or Palladium plated
Comment from : David Smith

Billy Gagne
Old video ha CCT You got better stuff in your Arsenal now Lol my friend You an Igor , keep up the good work Awesome Talk to you soon CCT and Igor
Comment from : Billy Gagne

Too many ripples on the leaf but that is the incuse design I believe
Comment from : SonicIce

Your nitric acid is fake! lol
Comment from : jdscrypto

I bet that was aluminium plate on there, that or chromium
Comment from : toolofbordem

how to cut mapple leaf check in video youtube/XBPMzNdFYiM


Sherjeel Chaudhry
The magnet will leave scratches
Comment from : Sherjeel Chaudhry

Sherjeel Chaudhry
270th like and 290th comment so early lol #awake #10:21am
Comment from : Sherjeel Chaudhry

Good video man! Fakers kill me! I always test my silver and gold I love to stack Even copper My newest video! Goldgurlz mashupThanks JerryGoldsilvergurlz! Even Silver Stackers need R & R Go for the Gold!brGoldsilverblog on Youtube and facebook Stop by say hi Post a cool pic of your stack! Like share and subscribe
Comment from : GoldSilverblog

Joy Rider
What gives it away, it looks like a reverse proof fake
Comment from : Joy Rider

harryzero 156
I bought some stated bullion maples on eBay The plating had tiny blisters which revealed base metal when picked off A very disappointed seller who lost out giving a full refund and the cost of next day shipping to me I did lose out sending them back I was happy to pay for the return as this was a lesson well worth paying for? You can buy maples from a reputable bullion supplier dated 2015, 2016, and 2017 that all have the latest security laser engraving
Comment from : harryzero 156

Portrait Coins
I have received fake coins that were 400 or 500 Silver rather than the 9999, they were also non-magnetic so it took me a few tries to figure it out with is why I strictly buy from genuine dealers the damn theirs are getting smarter
Comment from : Portrait Coins

Portrait Coins
Comment from : Portrait Coins

Pete Deiler
Comment from : Pete Deiler

Pete Deiler
Comment from : Pete Deiler

Micheal Calthorpe
would gold plating effect youre test i have the three maple leaf gold plated five coin set from one ounce to 1/20 ounce
Comment from : Micheal Calthorpe

Informative and entertaining, thanks!!!
Comment from : AurumArgentum

Mostly Outdoors
Thats crazy good But the lines in the leaf are way off
Comment from : Mostly Outdoors

Washington Redskin
Wow, I've become even more leery of buying coins Too risky for me Yikes Thanks for the heads up!
Comment from : Washington Redskin

Berlin Berlin TV
that coin is made by german silver
Comment from : Berlin Berlin TV

Duster Dan
Hey guys, I just wanted the rest of the stacking/collecting community to know that smaller denomination counterfeits have now hit the markets! I just did a video of some counterfeit Washington quarters & a Walking Liberty half I had no idea before last week that Washington quarters were being counterfeited also! What's next? Dimes? My vid is the only one I could find on youtube that tests supposedly "junk silver" counterfeit quarters, so I'm assuming this is a brand new trend Anyway, keep your eyes out & test all your silver - large & small - if you don't want to get scammed!
Comment from : Duster Dan

Duster Dan
The Queen obviously had a lot of makeup on her - IE a really good layer of silver on the outside of an otherwise worthless coin on the inside I bet if you cut her in half & dunked her back into the acid she'd sizzle & fizz!
Comment from : Duster Dan

Thanks again very educational:)
Comment from : JohnnyStax

You guys are very funny & educational thanks
Comment from : JohnnyStax

This fake is just laughably crude, but there are even worse fakes which fool people It's due to their greed You've got to educate yourself and it would be best to just focus on one type of bullion coin There are millions of legitimate Maple Leafs so it's a good coin to specialize in
Comment from : jeffw1267

Jack Bower
China sucks!
Comment from : Jack Bower

Adam Ben-Shimon
The audio is horrible, it was difficult to understand what they were saying and their accents didn't help
Comment from : Adam Ben-Shimon

Fake made out of platniun :)

Bill Rundell
I would like to own a fake silver eaglebrCan anyone tell me where I can make such a purchase
Comment from : Bill Rundell

323Jack Smith
I prefer Sunshine Minting Products, the security feature is great, but I still do some semi-destructive tests on random bars or rounds
Comment from : 323Jack Smith

David AAA
The acid on the fake I got seems to have silver plating On the stone it stayed red but dark
Comment from : David AAA

My dear " WATSON" !!!
Comment from : BEAUTIFUL EARTH

will stuff
goldforgold one eBay is selling fake silver bars
Comment from : will stuff

Youre doing very well, even without a script! very entertaining ;) thanks
Comment from : syncro16se

The vein-lines in the fake maple leaf look hideous! That's a dead giveaway!
Comment from : WellingtonBikeCam01

Where did you buy the fakes on Ebay and other sites or proper metal dealers?
Comment from : Nordien1978

Link Knight
the first thing I noticed almost straight away, living in a country where we have the queens head on all our coins, was that as soon as you showed the back of the fake, I knew straight up that the queens head never looks that skinny on any coins that made it a dead giveaway to me straight up
Comment from : Link Knight

Scott Saleff
Hello, I have a question as far as the ping test goes When I do this test with a real silver coin the tone lasts a second or two Have you tried this test with one of your genuine Canadian silver Maple Leafs? Inquiring because the Maple leaves i have sound good except for the amount of time the tone/ping lasts Could you possibly do a ping test, for whats left of my sanity and get back to me with your resultThese seam to be real but not knowing is a bit unnervingI have a Mexican pesos 1958 in yearThat coin with just 10 silver has a relatively long lasting ping Maybe the copper/silver mix of the peco and the other US pre 64 US coins i have done the ping test to affects how long the coin pings I have not heard a 999 silver ping test yet Well at any rate thanks for taking us on your testing adventuresInteresting bit of investigation Looking forward to hearing back from you both, best regards,Scott
Comment from : Scott Saleff

Where do you get fake coins from?
Comment from : taibhsear71

Al, Lee, FL
they seem to have forgotten the real silver plating on fake coins etc, I got several from china that when I did the "scratch test" and had bare metal from the inside of the bars it smoked up real fast and the smell was terrible real silver does not react to the acid at all
Comment from : Al, Lee, FL

haha, C'mon, an once of Silver is $16 USDbrwhy bother to fake it??
Comment from : Ty

a real platinum coin? oopsy
Comment from : TheRoguePhysicist

platinum electroplate?
Comment from : TheRoguePhysicist

Fubar MMA
does no one do a drop test anymore?? easiest way i know to tell if it is silver
Comment from : Fubar MMA

Terrible queen portrait, veining in leaf looks really bad Not a great forgery
Comment from : blackittysamurai

Tarek Midani
fun video!
Comment from : Tarek Midani

that acid exposure at the end really did the trick You guys are hilarious lmfao
Comment from : themanginaman

The queen and the leaf just look wrong aswell
Comment from : GoldBearBunny

Good to see that over 40 fake silver sellers have now watched this video as this means they know the public are onto them!
Comment from : CyberCurtainTwitcher

Nairn Boutrup
Being from Canada and working with Maple Leaf coins all day because I work in a bullion shop, this was an incredibly easy fake to spot Quite a few of the minor details are off and are easy to see However, the dead giveaway is that it is what is called a "reverse proof" coin, whereas a "proof" is a frosted design on a mirror background The RCM only made one version of a reverse proof 1oz SML without a privy mark, which was a special edition coin in 2014 with only 20,000 minted All other reverse proof Maples have a privy mark! With this information, hopefully buyers will be more well informed
Comment from : Nairn Boutrup

Jacquie Walton
Excellent Report Thanks!
Comment from : Jacquie Walton

Omar Touzani
Just got a fake 2015 Canadian maple leaf It looks exactly the same as the original and has the same weight
Comment from : Omar Touzani

James Spencer
here's a guess, maybe the outside plate is nickel
Comment from : James Spencer

Before SHTF
maybe it´s newsilver as they call some coins fooling a few, so stupid
Comment from : Before SHTF

Frank M
Getting so tired of lying Chinas
Comment from : Frank M

The Golden Rule
Thanks for alerting us to this 
Comment from : The Golden Rule

benbush 101
Have you considered it being tungsten?
Comment from : benbush 101

Interesting video  I wasn't aware of fake maples  Thanks for sharing
Comment from : RedTurboMr2

Tristan Wibberley
Did you ever find out what the outer plate was?
Comment from : Tristan Wibberley

Something for you to consider, in Australia in the 1920's there were fake florins found circulating that were believed to be coming in from outside the country The thing was, the 'fake' coins were of the same metal content as the real ones so testing the metal for silver would not have uncovered the forgeries It was only because of very subtle differences in the design that were discovered under magnification that they were found out Someone with a coin press and high quality dies with access to the proper metals can make 'fake' gold and silver coins that would be hard to detect 
Comment from : gamewizard

If you're coin dealers, don't you have to hand over fake coins and currency to law enforcement so they can find the perpetrators? 
Comment from : gamewizard

Napp Tyme
Great Video! You dudes are funny! How/where did you buy fake silver coins? I'm just starting my collection and want to avoid bad deals Thx
Comment from : Napp Tyme

Richards World Traveler
YOu should have done a sound test, testing the ring of the coinbrAlso for some unapparent reason you didn't put the real coin on the scale or acid
Comment from : Richards World Traveler

I know our penny's are no longer copper I took a stack and took a torch and the penny's milted into a silvery puddle maybe putter?
Comment from : minerjoe90

Steve Schein
Great Video, All the more Reason to purchase from a respected Company such as Apmex, Provident, JM Bullion and the like
Comment from : Steve Schein

Yes, the chinese are deserving their reputation!
Comment from : X Y

Christopher Lee
my eyes are hurting from the horrible focus issues
Comment from : Christopher Lee

Thanks for the video but did you ever find out what the silver looking alloy was on the outer shell?
Comment from : jackieatl

newstacker EU
 brhey everybodynew to the stacking community herei just noticed something, in case any of you are interested: doing the ping test with 2 maple leafs from 2014 will give you a way different result than doing the same test with 2 austrian phillharmonichs from 2011i just did it todayWhile the ping of the austrian ones resembles the silver dollars  sound, the ping of the 2014 maple leafs is a little bit duller, and lower in tonalitybrI know for sure the 2014 maple leafs couldn't be a fake, since i bought them from a reputable online dealer here in Europe, they have a ton of security features(including the mini hologram, and the laser ridded lines allover the coin), they passed the weight test(arround 31,4 to 31,7 grams each of them), the diamagnetism, and the ice cubeAlso, the dimensions are the ones in the cataloguePlease let me know what you think about this?brCould my 2014 maple leafs be counterfeit? 
Comment from : newstacker EU

Bloody cold nickel electroplate  From a electroplater of 30 years
Comment from : uzi1951

Thanks guys, we had a really good laugh throughout this one I was waiting for the splash in the acid You guys are a good entertainment team
Comment from : reelMn

John Doe
I always buy my coins from a local shop  They would not cheat me like that (if they did, I would send the feds knocking on their door)
Comment from : John Doe

John Doe
It might have been nickel plating  The copper would be so it has something to stick to  That sucks, no silver at all in that coin  Some fakers are at least give you a little bit of silver in their treasonous fake coins
Comment from : John Doe

John Doe
at 8:25 it looks like you are about to dunk a witch like they did in Salem, Massachusetts (that is almost as hard as spelling Mississippi)
Comment from : John Doe

John Doe
I know here we have the Secret Service to among other things investigate counterfeit US currency  I am not sure who you would call in Canada if someone sold you a fake Maple Leaf  What you would want to do is see if you can get them to order a few of the coins and if they are fake arrest the person who was selling them  Just tell them who sold you the fake coins  The same person might be selling tungsten filled gold Maple Leaf coins  Tungsten is used in fake gold bars because it is hard for most people to detect  The easiest way to find such a fake bar is to drill a hole in it and cuss when you drill in and see the tungsten (it might even break your drill bit)
Comment from : John Doe

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